How to judge each house/bhava in astrology

After analysis of basic interpretation of birth chart which I have already discussed in my previous article, the next step is to judge each house/bhava and how strong the bhavas are. It is an important part of analysis as weak houses can show weakness related to the activities of the house while strong houses shows strength related to the activities of the house. Before you proceed further with other divisional chart, the analysis of How to judge each house/bhava in astrology of D1/birth chart is important

The following conditions need to be fulfilled for checking the good effects of the house

  1. A strong lord of the house
  2. The house itself should be strong with strong planet placement if any.
  3. The significator/karaka of the house should be strong.
When all the conditions are meet then we will expand the conditions with few more points:
  1. The nature of the sign of the house like whether it is fiery, earthy or airy sign
  2. The nature of the lord of the sign whether benefic or malefic.
  3. The lord of the sign if placed in trikona, kendra or trik/dustana house and which sign it is placed.
  4. Then check if the lord of the sign is combust or retrograde or conjunct or aspect by other planet.
  5. Planets tenanting the house/ aspecting the house.
  6. Then check the bahavat bhavam concept of the house. For example if a malefic is placed in the 4th house from that house it may show some trouble related to the house even if the planets are placed strongly because 4th house is the house of comfort. But it will be more applicable if the person is running through the MD/AD of the house.
  7. Then check the navamsa placement of those planets.

Note: The malefics when placed well for example in moolatrikona sign or exalted sign solves problems of life very quickly. It is very necessary to see the malefic placement in a horoscope. Malefic in upachya house assure success after 30.

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