Karakamsa chart analysis

karakamsa chart analysis is related to Jaimini astrology. Karakamsa chart analysis shows the profession or career of an individual. It shows the destiny of soul.

Planet with highest degree is called atmakaraka and planet with second highest degree is amatyakaraka in jaimini astrology.

Atmakaraka and amatyakaraka plays a significant role in profession of an individual.

To get the karakamsa lagna, we need to check the placement of atmakaraka in navamsa lagna. Here is a small example that will help to determine the karakamsa lagna.

karakamsa lagna analysis

Example : In this chart Saturn is atmakaraka in the sign of Sagittarius in 12th house in birth chart. In navamsa Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra. Libra will be the lagna/ ascendant of Karakamsa chart . Moon is the amatyakaraka of the chart.

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Analysis of the chart:

Lets first analyse the birth chart:

Mercury is the lord of ninth house . it is in 10th house. It shows gain from higher education, philosophy, learning and research. Mercury also shows business oriented mind.
Mars being the lord of 4th house in 10th house shows an workaholic person who can be a lawyer.
Moon being the lord of 7th house in 10th house shows the native wants to seek status through marriage, he can find his life partner in job field. It also shows seeking work life balance. Spouse or the native can be business oriented.

The sign of Libra is in 10th house. Libra is the sign of business. Now Venus, the lord of Libra, is in 12th house in the sign of Sagittarius. Venus is also in conjunction with Saturn, Jupiter, ketu aspected by rahu.

This shows the person can go to foreign land for job purpose and Saturn being the lord of ascendant assures it. It can also suggest that the job of the person involves a lot of travelling.

Jupiter conjunction with Venus shows they can be good teacher in religion, philosophy and higher learning. As Saturn and Jupiter both indicates law , they can be lawyer too.

At the same time Saturn and ketu are afflicting Jupiter and Venus that shows the person can change profession multiple times or can get late success.

Navamsa chart

As per the navamsa chart, mars and ketu being the lord of Scorpio , in the sign of Sagittarius and Leo shows aggressive attitude towards higher learning, research, spirituality and the native gains from career.

Ketu in 7th house also indicates curiosity in business. Ketu is also a mysterious planet it can detach one or can make one curious. It shows lingering desires so placement of ketu in any house also shows curiosity towards that house.

Karakamsa chart:

So here we can see that Libra sign is the ascendant in karakamsa. Now in birth chart mercury, moon and mars are in Libra in tenth house so the planetary alignment in Karakamsa chart will be analysed from tenth house of birth chart.

Remember that from Navamsa we will only be considering the sign but not the placement of planets, we will consider the placement as per the birth chart.

In karakamsa chart, we need to check the placement of atmakaraka , amatyakaraka and fifth house as fifth house shows the skills of an individual.

Karakamsa shows the urge of souls of an individual and Libra is the ascendant sign in karakamsa chart , The sign indicates business and relationship.

Saturn as atmakaraka planet

Here Saturn being the atmakaraka placed in 3rd house shows that the native can get success in business as Saturn in third house is an indicator of business or setting up own job. Here Saturn is conjunct with Jupiter, Venus, ketu that shows the native has good creativity, communication, writing, marketing skills.

Rahu aspecting Saturn, ketu also shows working with technology . Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius that indicates research in higher learning, religion , philosophy and long distance travel .

As there are four planets in third house, there is a huge accumulation of energy in third house so there is a high tendency that the native will be in gathering information related to higher learning, research, creativity and spirituality and communicate the same to others.

Moon as amatyakaraka planet

Now lets consider amatyakaraka, his amatyakaraka is moon and placed with mars and mercury in Libra ruled by Venus. Here Moon is aspected by Rahu that can bring fame to the native in job field.

It shows a dominating tendency on the masses or other people, the native has an aggressive way of communication. It can also show an inclination to astrology or dealing with emotions of others as well as himself in job field.

Moon and mars being in lagna can also show certain ups and down in career and dealing with technology.

The fifth house shows the skills of the native. Aquarius sign rules the fifth house. So this shows the person can work for higher purpose , goals, technical field and in MNC. They can also go for certain innovation.

This shows the person can gain his skills through network circle, MNC or working for higher purpose. Then they can open their own business or can also innovate something new through creativity, higher learning, technology, research and spirituality depending on the dasha and antardasha.


So finally we can see that the native can go for business related to teaching, higher education as the birth and karakamsa and moon chart resembles the same.

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