Ketu in astrology

Ketu is an imaginary or shadowy planet. Ketu is considered the tail of the demon. Ketu is the south node of the moon and rahu is the north node. Ketu is the difficult point of karma of our past life that shows the person needs to reap the result of his previous selfish karma in current life.

Secluded places can be noticed by ketu. Ketu in 12th house in the sign of Pisces, Sagittarius shows liberation or salvation. Ketu is meditation, electricity, electronic engineering, language, programming , lightning, monastery, ashram, intuition, dark caves, wounds, cut, injury, knives, sharp objects, robbers, thieves, pituitary glands, pinneal gland. Ketu is occult, mysticism, psychological issues not psychopathic issue as rahu is psychopath. Without ketu there would be no past. Ketu is being withdrawn. For people it is monk, nun, philosophers, maternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, mystic, sages. Ketu is giving wealth without condition. Ketu is zero. When ketu comes in they don’t care about money. Great victory can come in ketu dasha because ketu doesnot care for status, money. Ketu works mysteriously so people may reach heights if ketu is well placed. Ketu is bony, slim, hazel brown structure. Ketu can split things. Ketu shows dogs and if someone has dog it should be treated like family. Ketu is stupidity because ketu breaks rules. Ketu is true consciousness.

Ketu is a mysterious planet as no one knows how it really works. Ketu rules three nakshatras- magha, moola and ashwin. Ketu is directionless it is the planet without head. So ketu is liberation. Absence of head makes it emotionally detached so one of the characteristics of ketu is separation and emotional detachment . Ketu is considered malefic because ketu wants us to separate from the desires of life and look for moksha and liberation. It creates painful situation when ketu takes away or separate us from certain things of our life. So ketu is emotionally detached. The head of ketu is rahu. Rahu is the north node of the moon, it is obsession so in emotional sign Rahu becomes too emotional. ketu deals with secret, occult and mysticism as Ketu corules the sign of scorpio along with mars as scorpio is all about occult and mysticism.

Rahu and ketu gives sudden and unexpected result. Rahu/ketu are just playing gamble,if well placed it can make someone filthy rich and again can convert them to beggars. Rahu and ketu are unusual planet so they always move in retrogade direction. They are always 180 degree apart in astrology chart. When ketu sun moon is in the same zodiac longitude lunar eclipse takes place. Extreme enemy of Rahu is Sun and ketu is moon. Ketu is comfortable with mercury venus saturn rahu and enemy with Mars, sun and moon. Ketu is neutral to jupiter.

Professionally magician, medical practitioner, doctors, astrologer are ruled by ketu. Ketu is a planet of spirituality. The planets helps in spiritual achievement as well as subject related to supernatural power and ghost. The native has great healing power and can heal by spiritual and tantric view. Ketu placed favourable can give luxury wisdom and intuition power when placed unfavourable can cause depression, worries and ghost related problem.

The mahadasha period of ketu is 7 years. Ketu stays in one zodiac for around 1.5 years.
Ketu is said to be exalted in Scorpio and Sagittarius, as opposite to Rahu and is regarded weakest in Taurus. A positively placed ketu helps to run business smoothly, The native will be very helpful and wont expect anything in return. The native will be driven towards spirituality and liberation. An ill placed ketu can give sudden shock, accident, injury. An ill placed ketu can turn one into deceitful, dishonest and aggressive personality. The native may work hard but result may not be satisfactory. There may be lack of trust in marriage and relationship. They may not enjoy normal relationship.

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