Marana karaka position of planets

Marana karaka position of planets

Marana-karaka as the name suggest is the position of a planet where a planet dies. Here is the detailed analysis of Marana karaka position of planets in Vedic astrology

Basically Marana-Karaka means that the planet is not comfortable in that house due to other planetary energies. But before drawing a conclusion, we must check the dignity of planet even if it is in maranakaraka position. We also need to check if the planet is in exalted, own, moolatrikona, enemy sign and the position of the dispositor/ lord of the house. If the person is not undergoing the mahadasha of maranakaraka planet then there is nothing much to worry.

Why each planet has maranakaraka position?

Now let’s study each planet, their maranakaraka position and the reason of maranakaraka position


Sun is in maranakaraka position in twelfth house. 12th house is the house of loss, so sun in 12th house shows loss of ego, confidence and distant relationship with father.


Moon is in maranakaraka position in eighth house. As moon wants peace and happiness and eighth house has chaotic energies, thus the concept. At the same time, Moon being a soft planet finds it difficult to adjust with sudden issues.


Mercury is in maranakaraka position in fourth and seventh house. The planet Mercury is a prince who likes to hop from one place to another, have fun, mercury does not like sitting at home , so mercury is dead in 4th house. At the same time, mercury in seventh house does not want to deal with relationship as it is a eunach planet.


Mars is in maranakaraka position in seventh house. Seventh house is the house of relationship and also mars being a soldier, knows only to fight and dominate others. So, Mars in seventh house can also cause marriage and relationship issues.


Jupiter is in maranakaraka position in third house. The planet Jupiter is a guru, hence, does not like to gossip with siblings and neighbors. At the same time, Jupiter wants to talk about religion, spirituality so Jupiter is agitated here.


Saturn is in maranakaraka position in first house. It is all about serving others and first house is the house of self and ego. So, Saturn is agitated in first house.


Venus is in maranakaraka position in sixth house. The planet Venus is all about luxuries, comfort and sixth house is our daily life, litigation, disputes so Venus is uncomfortable in 6th house.


Rahu is in maranakaraka position in ninth house. Ninth house is house of religion and law. So, Rahu in ninth house wants to break law, custom and tradition. So, they can be rebellious about religion and create their own religion.

Ketu is in maranakaraka position in 3rd house. 3rd house is house of effort and ketu is letting go hence the conflict.

It never means planets in those houses will give zero result.

What else you need to check?

  1. If the planet is benefic or malefic
  2. Dignity of planet
  3. Conjunction and aspect to planet
  4. condition of house lord
  5. Other yogas helping the planet


Sun: Methi tea

Moon: meditation

Mercury: Rubbing lemons on feet

Jupiter: speak less

Venus: Meditation

saturn: Effort

Mars: Learn from mistakes in relationship.

Ketu: meditation

rahu: letting go of strict beliefs. If it is unusual its ok.

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