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Moon in all houses in vedic astrology

moon in all houses

In vedic astrology moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. It is the emotional response or emotional attachment of people to surroundings. Placement of moon shows interest of the native. Moon is a very gentle and receptive planet. So if moon is with Saturn then Saturn will impact your mind. Like that whenever any planet is placed with moon or aspect moon, moon starts to receive the qualities of those planet. Moon can be either malefic or benefic. Waning moon is considered malefic and waxing moon is considered beneficial. It is always better for moon to be placed in a subha house than in trik House. Here are all the details of moon in all houses in vedic astrology. The below details also has a small discussion on moon chart .

Moon in first house in vedic astrology

Moon in all houses in vedic astrology
Moon in first house

First house is the house of your personality, life path. Moon in first house makes one concerned about themselves and sometimes selfish. They always look for their own gains and benefit from others. Mother plays an important role in their life. Their physical activity helps to balance their mind. Moon in first house gives an youthful appearance to native throughout life. They are great care taker of spouse. It shows that the spouse is well balanced. If moon is debilitated in first house shows fluctuation of mind. They are very emotional and may misunderstand things in life.

Moon in Aries in all houses

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Moon in second house in vedic astrology

Moon in all houses in vedic astrology
Moon in second house

In vedic astrology, second house is the house of family, family wealth, family values. S/he is emotionally attached with family especially mother. There are certain fluctuation of family wealth and stability comes with time.  As moon is a very sensual  and gentle planet and second house is the house of speech shows that the person can be a good singer. They can also be good writer as moon helps in imaginations and second house also represents head. As moon is 8th from seventh house shows that native may have less emotional connection with spouse or inlaws.

The spouse may have secret hidden personality. The native also has interest in occult or astrology as moon aspects 8th house from second house. Moon in fixed signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn gives stability of wealth. In Virgo it also gives balanced intelligence, in sign of Capricorn it makes one very balanced in decision making skills and intelligent too. In Taurus it bestows one with balanced family. in sign of Sagittarius it shows that their family history is spiritual.

From second house moon aspect the 8th house that shows interest in occult and astrology.

Moon in Taurus in all houses

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Moon in third house in vedic astrology

Moon in all houses in vedic astrology

Third house is the house of courage, self effort, business, creativity, communication. Moon in third house shows that mother put a lot of effort to grow the child. It also shows that the native is interested in business, media, communication, creativity, arts and crafts. Moon in third house shows that the native has a pleasant and dynamic way of communication. S/he can be also very good in marketing, salesmanship and can be smart businessman. It shows that the native is also emotionally attached with siblings., close neighbors. As per kalpurush kundali as mercury rules moon is in Gemini , it shows that the native has a mercurian (logical) mind and loves to collect information. They can also be in multiple professions as they have an intellectual mind.

From third house moon aspects the 9th house that shows the person is curious to learn religion, philosopy, other cultures. They love to travel .

In moon chart, The 8th house is sixth from the moon and tenth house is 8th from the moon that shows ups and downs in career .

Moon in Gemini in all houses

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Moon in fourth house in vedic astrology

Moon in all houses in vedic astrology
Moon in fourth house

In vedic astrology, fourth house is the house of mother, peace of mind, home, happiness, conveyance. As per kalpurush kundali Moon in fourth house is  in its own sign. It shows an emotional attachment with family especially mother. S/he is very emotional and loves taking care of other or helping others. They also love nurturing people or helping people. Mother may be a housewife and plays a pivotal role in person life.

From 4th house moon aspects 10th house which shows that they can be best nurses, They can also be in interior decoration and loves real estate or selling real estate property. However, they are not interested in religion. They believe in taking care of everyone.

From 4th house 11th house is 8th from the fourth that shows ups and downs in network circle or siblings.

Moon in Cancer in all houses

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Moon in fifth house in vedic astrology

moon in fifth house
Moon in fifth house

iIn vedic astrology, fifth house is the house of children, creativity, education, anicient texts, scriptures, sports. As per kalpurush kundali moon in fifth house bestows one with creativity, acting, arts and sports. Moon in fifth house shows that the native has emotional attachment to children. It also shows a very creative and educated mother. It also shows interest of the native in learning ancient texts. They can also be very good in politics and can have a soothing speech.

The sixth place from moon is tenth house of career, hence, it shows conflict with government officials and disagreemnt in workplace.

In moon chart, moon aspects  in the 7th house shows an accomplished or well balanced husband/ wife. It also shows gain from husband/ wife.

Moon in Leo in all houses

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Moon in sixth house in vedic astrology

Moon in sixth house
Moon in sixth house

In vedic astrology sixth house is the house of illness, debts, diseases, enemies and conflicts. Moon in sixth house shows that the person is in constant mode of defending . Moon in sixth house also shows constant conflict with mother. Mother can also be in service or medicine industry. Besides, it is an excellent position for lawyers and criminal attorneys. They can land clients or themselves in jail. In addition, they are also service provider and loves to resolve conflicts.

From sixth house, moon aspects the 12th house that shows debt and losses. In addition, the native is spiritual.

The 11th house is 6th from moon shows enemy or conflict in network circle in professional or personal life.

In moon chart moon aspect the seventh house , therefore, it shows husband can be spiritual or working in foreign lands.

Moon in Virgo in all houses

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Moon in seventh house in vedic astrology

Moon in seventh house
Moon in seventh house

In vedic astrology, seventh house is the house of marriage, relationship and agreements. Moon in seventh house shows that the native gain emotional balance through harmonious relationships. They can find peace through deal and agreements. Besides, they can also be good businessman. A well placed moon shows that they can easily achieve fame outside. If moon is not well dignified it shows hardship in marriage. If moon is exalted, they can find stable and good life partner. The partner will be full of energy. It also shows mother can be in some sort of business. Mother also plays part in introducing you to husband or wife. Mother will always have say in relationships.

Moon aspects the second house from seventh house that shows fluctuation in family wealth.

12th house is sixth from moon that shows the person face more expenses, debts and losses.

Moon in Libra in all houses

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Moon in eighth house in vedic astrology

Moon in eighth house
Moon in eighth house

In vedic astrology eighth house is the house of occult, mysticism, sudden events, death, rebirth, transformation, joint assets, in laws. Moon in eighth house shows that the person is interested in occult and mysticism. It shows s/he has emotional ups and downs in life. It also shows mother of the native has also ups and downs in life. S/he can subconsciously consume the emotional burdens of people. S/he also loves occult and mysticism . Besides, the native loves to be surrounded by people of similar interest. They can be good emergency doctors, astrologers, counselors, spiritual healers and nurses. S/he can be good counselors too. However, s/he will have ups and downs in joint assets and relationship with in laws can suffer. But they find emotional balance through spirituality and mysticism. S/he can be writer of dramatic experiences. It also shows that the native or their mother may have some secret.

From eighth house moon aspects the second house shows the native can be emotionally or physically separated from family. S/he can have certain fluctuation of wealth.

In moon chart, sixth from the moon is the first house that is the ascendant which shows the native may suffer from sudden accident or physical misalignment.

Moon in Scorpio in all houses

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Moon in ninth house in vedic astrology

Moon in ninth house
Moon in ninth house

Ninth house is the house of religion, philosophy, higher education, long distance travel, religious beliefs, guru/ teachers, teaching of father etc. Moon in 9th house shows inclination towards higher belief system. As moon represents mother, hence, mother is highly educated. Hence, mother plays a role in teaching and learning. Besides, s/he is religious minded and loves to gain higher education or knowledge.

From ninth house moon aspects the 3rd house that shows emotional attachment with siblings. If moon is not well placed it shows emotional imbalance with siblings. It also shows emotional involvement in skills and business.

As per moon chart, sixth from the moon is second house that shows conflict with family or emotional imbalance in the family due to religious beliefs.

Moon in Sagittarius in all houses

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Moon in tenth house

Moon in tenth house
Moon in tenth house

Tenth house is the house of career, fame, authority. Moon in tenth house shows that s/he is concerned about image in public. Moon in tenth house also makes one emotionally attached with public masses. The father of the native is very emotional and mother can take the role of father. Mother is also career oriented . The native loves career, authority and fame and their peace of mind lies in achieving the same. Hence, s/he has a diplomatic approach towards life. Moon plays a great role in dealing with masses. However, an ill dignified moon shows that the person is obsessed with higher authority and fame or the native can have emotional turmoil with father. The placement can also create a professional attachment with mother.

From tenth house moon aspects the fourth house that shows leadership at home. The native will also have hard time to avoid limelight. There can be certain ups and down in career advancement. it also shows emotional attachment to home.

As per moon chart, the native desire for a homely spouse who can nourish him/her like a child. From tenth house, sixth place from moon in 3rd house that shows  emotional conflict or imbalance with younger sibling, business and media.

Moon in Capricorn in all houses

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Moon in eleventh house

Moon in 11th house
Moon in eleventh house

Eleventh house is the house of gains, network circle, friends, income, elder sibling etc. Moon in 11th house shows that the native can gain from mother, friends and network circle. They can also gain as entrepreneurs . However, it also shows emotional connection with friends/ network circle and elder sibling. Moon feel balanced in 11th house only when gains are smooth. A well placed moon in 11th house shows gain from mother. Hence, it is always desirable to name real estate and property in name of mother. A debilitated moon shows emotional imbalance with gains.

From 11th house moon aspects the fifth house that shows interest in creativity, ancient text,  and speculative business. It also shows emotional attachment with children.

As per moon chart, the native desires for a creative spouse filled with joy. Sixth from the moon is fourth house that shows lack of peace of mind at home and peace of mind away from home. The native also often prefers foreign settlement. Besides, a debilitated moon shows turbulent relationship with mother.

Moon in Aquarius in all houses

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Moon in twelfth house

Moon in twelfth house
Moon in twelfth house

12th house is the house of foreign land, hospital, jails, mental asylum, spirituality, debts and losses, diseases, imaginations, subconscious mind. It shows mother is spiritual. The native loves travelling and find peace in foreign land. Besides, s/he is highly imaginative that can make them good writers and they love to lead a private life and stay isolated. At early part of life, relationship with mother may suffer or they have a distant relationship with mother.

S/he is emotionally attached to mother but lacks nourishment of mother. It also shows an opinion difference at early part of life. S/he loves to stay away from obstacles of daily routine. They love to work away from public life too. S/he finds emotional stability in foreign land. Depending on the position of other planets the nature of moon changes. Ketu with moon shows that the native loves to stay isolated. If rahu is with moon it also shows that the native has huge desire to go to foreign land.

Moon in Pisces in all houses

As per moon chart sixth from the moon is fifth house that shows obstacles in creativity or raising kids. Spouse of the native is a service provider and can also be a doctor, lawyer etc.

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