Ascendants in Vedic astrology

Ascendants in Vedic astrology

There are twelve ascendants in Vedic astrology. Here is the detail analysis of Ascendants in Vedic astrology

Aries Ascendant

Aries is a fiery sign. People with Aries ascendant are energetic, active, disciplined, competitive, dynamic and courageous  personality. They accept challenges and complete the task in an organized way. Aries are family oriented people as they are close to family. They tend to be communicative and emotional with mother, siblings , friends and neighbors. They are very creative and are interested in children, business media and communication., stock market. At the same time, they can be good lawyers, managers and service providers. Their life partners are balanced and beautiful but Aries ascendants are dominating on their partner. Aries can be good surgeon especially when mercury is in tenth house. They loves higher education and can go for long distance journey. They face a lot of hardship in workplace but success sustains once they attain it. Their income and gains depends on communication/ network circle. They are spiritual.

Aries sun sign shows one is interested in leadership, power and physical activities. Aries moon sign shows that their mind is very active and they can take decisions without thinking the consequences.


Aries feature people generally have thin appearance and ruddy complexion. Aries people may have red colored hair and are susceptible to baldness. They have an athletics body with prominent brows with sharp features. They may have birthmarks or scars on face or head. Their height can be medium to tall.

Taurus Ascendant

Taurus is an earth sign and ruled by Venus. Venus is the goddess of beauty, love and pleasure. Taurus people loves beauty and pleasure. As Taurus is a earth sign , they are practical, realistic people. Sometimes they can be stubborn by nature. Taurus loves materialistic things and seeks financial security. They make sure that their family is well. Taurus people are very communicative with their family because the sign Gemini rules second house. They have a calm conversation with siblings but they may have a near or distant relationship with siblings. Sometimes they can be pretty argumentative but calms down eventually.

Taurus are authoritative at home. They are decision maker and their kids are intelligent. But their kids may feel lack of nourishment as Taurus are always concerned about materialistic things and the zeal to accomplish it. The life partner of Taurus are very emotional and sensitive rather than practical. Taurus seeks harmony in relationship so they will work hard to keep their partner happy. Taurus can travel long distance for business purpose and can earn from foreign land. They have an emotional attachment with father .


Taurus are flexible. They have a serene and steady glaze and prominent eyes. Their neck are noticeable and have curly, wavy hair. They have strong body and prominent ears.

Gemini Ascendant

Mercury rules the dual sign Gemini. Mercury is the symbol of intelligence and communication. Gemini loves to communicate and they have the capability to handle many things at a time. They are very emotional towards their family and their family wealth have certain ups and downs. They are very communicative and creative in business or media but may have distant relationship with siblings. Their mother is very communicative and has an influence in family. They are materialistic. At the same time, they are passionate about creativity and education. They are very balanced with their children. They are very sexual and have a long life too.

Gemini people can be good lawyers or service providers. Their husband helps them to lead the right path in taking decisions. At the same time, their husband may be philosophical in speech which may not be liked by Gemini. They are very articulate while speaking with in laws.  They can also suffer delays in inheritance and gain of joint assets. Gemini people believes on religion and philosophy  but they are not orthodox. Their career deals with communication and preaching. They can gain from network of friends. Gemini people face a lot of opposition but they gain through enemies. They have vision for better life.

Gemini is tall or slender but slightly pale.  They have dark brown hair and are very fast in movement. They have expressive face but seldom overweight.

Cancer Ascendant

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign in astrology. The planet Moon rules Cancer. It is a watery sign and represents out emotions and feelings. Cancer people are creative, emotional and very sensitive. They are protective about their home and loved one. They carry the legacy of their parents especially father.  At the same time, they are calculative in communication with siblings, friends and neighbors. Their mother plays a vital role in life. They have balanced relationship with mother and love beautiful home. Their romantic life or love affairs may have certain ups and down. They are very protective about their children.

They have philosophical views about enemies and don’t have enemies. On the other hand, they are sexual but face delay in marriage and most of the time end up marrying mature partner. They are religious, philosophical, long lived and don’t face sudden changes in life. At the same time, they can be good in medical field and political field. They can be good in entertainment industry and can gain a lot from friends and home.


They have beautiful skin and lovely hand. Their face is plump or oval in shape. They have round or soft stomach. They are curvy and muscular.

Leo Ascendant

Sun rules Leo, the fifth sign in astrology. Leo is a fixed and fiery sign. As Leo is a fiery sign they are passionate and sincere. Leo People are natural born leaders. They have the natural capability to lead many people of different opinions and they can lead people with a pleasing sense of humor too. They are generous, loyal and have many friends. At the same time, they are very creative and get attention without any effort. The first house shows that the person is confident and have high self esteem. They are introvert, quite and speaks only when provoked. They have a creative and dynamic career that can be attained from their education.

At the same time, they are very calculative in terms of family relationship, wealth and assets. Third house of Leo shows that they are very communicative with friends and have a pleasant communication that can also solve conflicts. The fourth house shows that they are protective about home and can guard their mother. However, they can also manage if they have turbulent relationship with mother. 

Their children will be creative, wise and intelligent as well as good in education.

They love to instill their intelligent and wisdom in children. They can also fight for justice and may have lot of oppositions. But at the same time, they are inclined to security and can also be very good astrologer, occultist etc. They can also earn through communication or scientific and technological field. They can be headstrong, extremist and can also have strong willpower for long distance travel. Twelfth house of Leo ascendants shows ups and down in expenses, spirituality and charity. Their wife may work in large organization and may be inclined to social welfare. They are very emotionally connected with spirituality, charity and are long lived.


They may have tall or short height with broad shoulder and gorgeous hair. They have large and strong bones. So, they are strong or sometimes ruddy.

Virgo Ascendant

Mercury rules the sixth zodiac sign, Virgo. Virgo people are critical about themselves and others. They are calculative in their approach towards others. Virgo people are always cleanliness freak . However, they have a very philosophical approach towards family. Their family life is religious oriented and philosophical. They always try to balance their family life as Virgo often face hardship of family. They may also have certain ups and down in terms of relationship with siblings and sometimes they are obsessive about family. At the same time, they can be smart businessman and good writers. They will also have responsibility of children and creativity. They want to accomplish goals in creativity in later part of life. However, they may develop disease due to stress.

They love intelligent partners and may marry someone from different culture as they have good religious views. . They have an emotional attachment with friends and they are friendly with mother too. And they are also very proud of their spirituality. They have good longevity and are headstrong about joint assets and inheritance.


As mercury rules Virgo, they have youthful appearance. They are tall, thin with dark hairs and have bright cheeks. Their eyes are expressive and they are gentle as well as graceful.

Libra Ascendant

Venus rules the seventh zodiac sign, Libra. Venus is the lord of material and pleasure. Libra people are very balanced personality. They are passionate about life. Libra are very emotional positively or negatively towards family and wealth. They have deep emotions to family and can hold family secret. They can be surgeon or engineers and have a philosophical communication towards children. Their family life is disciplined and structured. They are very strict about education, entertainment and children.

They do not have much enemies because they are very balanced while dealing with others. Their life partner is dominating and very energetic. They may face sudden changes in life either in positive or negative way. They are good travelers and love conversation of higher learning. At the same time, they are good in serving other people and can be good doctor, surgeons. Their gains are through social media. They are very calculative about charity and donations.


They are generally good looking with great skin and pearly teeth with nice lips. They are pleasant and graceful.

Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio is an intense sign and eighth sign of the zodiac ruled by mars and co-ruled by ketu. They are dynamic, dominating, aggressive, secretive and intense. Their family is highly learned, religious and philosophical. They have a restricted or limited communication with siblings , neighbors and friends. They also have a strict and disciplined home environment filled with worldly wisdom. At the same time, they are inclined to ancient texts and may deal with real estate or family property or business. They can be good lawyers and can easily deal with conflicts. However, they plan secretly about their enemies. They can also be in authoritative position in career and can be good bureaucrats or in government position. They can also be good in medical field or can be good surgeons. However, they are very communicative with in laws.

Their life partners are generally pleasant personality and can be beautiful. They are very protective about their life partner. However, they are very very emotional towards religion, philosophy and higher learning and curious about occult and mystery. They may face sudden changes in life due to mercury ruling both eighth and eleventh house. Though, they are very calculative in gains, they earn  from network circle. They love to be spiritual and find balance through spirituality.


Scorpio born people generally have sharp feature with piercing eyes with dark or pale hair. They are average to tall in figure.

Sagittarius ascendant

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter. As per vedic astrology, Sagittarius born people are philosophical and  natural preacher. Their family is disciplined and they also may face strict disciplines in daily routine. They can be frugal in terms of money as they are disciplined in terms of wealth and assets. Their wealth grows steadily. They set a boundary in terms of communication or may have distant or restricted communication with siblings or friends. They are practical people with spiritual and calm home environment.

Their children can be good athletes. They are very strict or active with education as well as children. They have good creativity skills and can also be good athlete. At the same time, they can win over enemies and do not have much enemies in daily life. Their life partner is very communicative.  Their life partner is very communicative.  They may face certain up and down in emotions, relationship with in laws and joint asset. They are very articulate about religious views and they believe on divine power. At the same time, they can be good mathematician and can have a dynamic career in finance or law. They are very balanced in relationship with friends and network circle and can also have good gains from enemies. They are very spiritual.

Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn rules the tenth zodiac sign Capricorn. People with Capricorn sign are very grounded, disciplined and practical. However, they always seek rank in life.  They belong to family with scientific background. Their family will be unique in one or the other way. Capricorn people are indifferent with siblings and relatives. They have a strict home life. However, they are pleasant with children. They are also very creative in media, business and can win over enemies and solve conflicts easily. They are good in working with fashion and entertainment and are very secretive about gains. Their life partner can be emotional and sensitive. They want a life partner who can nurture them as parents. Besides that they have low self esteem and ego unless they reach a good rank in life. They are very calculative about higher learning and religious views. They are very spiritual and loves charity.

Aquarius Ascendant

The Aquarius logo which shows a person pouring water represents spreading wisdom in society. Saturn and Rahu rules the eleventh zodiac sign of Aquarius. The nakshatra lord of the sign are Dhanista 3,4 pada, satabhisham- 1,2,3,4 padas and poorvabhadra- 1,2,3 pada. Aquarius sign represents serving humanity,  uplifting the society, large organization, network circle, scientific research, higher goal, rewards for all. As per Bhavat Bhavam, Aquarius sign is 12th from pisces and it is the higher form of Pisces. But they are different from Pisces is they are eccentric. They want to make changes in society in an idealistic way. They are different from Pisces in the way that they want to work for society while Pisces feel they already accomplished it.

As it is a fixed sign, it  shows the person will be stubborn and independent. As Saturn is the ruler of the house, perseverance is the key for success. Rahu co ruling the house shows that the person may be too impulsive as Rahu wants everything quickly. Rahu is the eccentric planet which is important for the sparking ideas. They are very eccentric, idea oriented people and once they get the idea they will be intensively working on it.  But at the same time it can lead to frustration but the best thing in this situation is to bow down to Saturn.


They are scientific, calculative, logical, spiritual, humble as well as grounded. They always look for higher self purpose. At the same time, they are idealistic and justice lover people and they feel that the society is not working in an idealistic way for which they want to make a change to it.  They always feel that they should bring originality to the world and want the world to deal in the right and justified way. They feel that the source energy brought them here to make improvement in society so that every people are happy in this world. But at the same time, they are hard to understand. They want to show the key that works for each and every person so that they can be lead a comfortable life. Aquarius are sometimes rude which can be easily identified by their Nakshatra.

They have unconventional ways of dealing with world. Sometimes they are emotionally detached because Saturn always brings reality check in terms of relationship. They are pleasing personality but once they are angry and agitated, they are difficult to be convinced. They love nature and curious to know that how the universe works. At the same time, they may come from very unconventional family. They have either very good or bad communication with siblings and can be betrayed by siblings as well. They may feel lack of nourishment from parents. But at the same time, they may get beautiful house once they are independent and married due to Taurus in fourth house. As Mercury rules the fifth house it shows that they will have excellent writing and communication skills. Their children will be clever, communicative and education will also be good.

Other characteristics

They may have ups and down in conflicts and litigation, enemies as well as birth and death. They look for spouse who are creative, artistic and politically correct. Also, they take pride on their spouse. After marriage, their career take a leap. They are very logical, calculative and analytical towards joint asset , inheritance and wealth. They like philosophical talk with in laws rather than gossips. However, they are unorthodox and not extremist. But if Venus is debilitated in 8th house they will be extremist. These people can be extremely jealous of other people success. They have very high gain . Their friend and network circle can be very wise and intelligent. They don’t like to be far away from home. They always feel sleep deprived.

Characteristics of Saturn in Aquarius

They are lonely, strict and self disciplined people. They complete a project with hard work, dedication and independence. At the same time, they are honest, idealistic and justice loving people. They are unorthodox and broad minded. But they have difficulty in expressing themselves in terms of love and sympathy. They also work for humanitarian purpose and for upliftment of society without expecting any profit. At the same time, they can also be good in technology as Saturn represents technology or they can be good in oil, mining business. They are always curious of how the universe works and  are serious, hard and tough looking individual. They love freedom and once they feel trapped they become rebellious

Characteristics of Rahu in Aquarius

Due to rahu energy, they are unpredictable in their actions. They have the most unconventional way of solving problems. They are very scientific, intelligent and analytical in their approach. At the same time, they will always look for gains or profit if they work for humanitarian purpose .They also want to speak to the larger organization and brings the world together. They are risk taker and love experimenting things deeply. They may express themselves easily but once they are angry they have a very rough speech.

Pisces Ascendant

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign and ruled by Jupiter. People with zodiac Pisces are spiritual and loves to be secluded and isolated. Their family life is very active, strict and disciplined. They have authoritative speech but are very pleasant and dynamic in terms of communication with siblings and neighbors. They love to be esoteric. At the same time, they are very communicative and close to mother and are very emotional with children and education.

They are very romantic but can suffer ups and downs in romance and affairs. They can incur debts due to father. Their life partner is very articulate, calculative and communicative. They are very balanced in relationship with in-laws, joint assets and wealth. They can be spiritual leaders, good philosophers and can dig deep in esoteric subjects. At the same time, they can be good doctors and can do good in finance and accounting. They are very selective about friends. Their gain comes with time especially from foreign land. They can also easily access information of higher dimension. 

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