Mars in Taurus in all houses

Mars in Taurus in all houses

Mars is our will power, courage, ability to fight, aggression, anger, accident, weapons, athlete, real estate. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus. It is a sign of family, values, wealth, assets, finance, luxuries, liquid money. The sign is about materialistic pleasure and conveyance. The sign is ruled by two and half nakshatra Rohini, Mrigshira and Krittika. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in Taurus in all houses in Vedic astrology.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus shows the native is willing to earn money. The native put lots of effort to gain wealth and status in life. As Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus is also about creativity it shows the native is interested to put effort in their creativity and earn from creative pursuit like arts and entertainment. From Taurus Mars aspects the Leo sign that shows the native is extremely creative and very protective about children, creativity and education. Mars also aspect Sagittarius and Scorpio sign that shows interest in religion philosophy and occult studies. So here Mars works hard to attain best knowledge and then to enjoy luxuries. So in short Mars in Taurus is not a soldier or athlete but a native interested in Taurus related activities.

When Mars is in Krittika nakshatra position of sun will impact the Mars, Mars is Rohini nakshatra shows Mars action would be impacted by moon and mars in Mrigshira shows Mars is in own nakshatra.

So now lets study Mars in Taurus through houses in Vedic astrology. As third, sixth, tenth and eleventh are upachya houses, the result of the houses improves with time.

Mars in Taurus in first house /Mars in Taurus in 1st house

Mars in Taurus in first house shows the native is a dominating personality. The native will also try to dominate over spouse and other people. It also shows that the native is interested in foreign land for wealth related purpose but the native can be spendthrift or may not be able to save money as Mars rules the twelfth house of losses. The native will also be taking care of his physique.

Mars in Taurus in second house/ Mars in Taurus in 2nd house

The native is protective about family wealth and can gain wealth through inheritance. The native may also have fight with family especially brother as Mars represents brother for family wealth. At the same time, sudden events may hamper family environment.

Mars in Taurus in third house /Mars in Taurus in 3rd house

Mars is now in one of the upachya house and any malefic  planet in upachya house always improve with time. It shows that the native needs to put effort in earning wealth. It is also seen that the native gets help from brother for business set up as Mars represents brother. Mars aspect on sixth house shows win over competition.

Mars in Taurus in fourth house /Mars in Taurus in 4th house

This position shows arguments and power struggle with mother. It also shows lot of wealth through real estate business.

Mars in Taurus in fifth house / Mars in Taurus in 5th house

The position of Mars shows wealth through speculative business. The native loves stock market and dealing with real estates. The native can also keep property as securities.

Mars in Taurus in sixth house/Mars in Taurus in 6th house

Mars is now in one of the upachya house and any malefic  planet in upachya house always improve with time.The native loves competition and dealing with enemies. The native does well as lawyer too. It also shows loan for children for education purpose or expenses on sibling if any.

Mars in Taurus in seventh house /Mars in Taurus in 7th house

This is a manglik position that shows power struggle, arguments and dominating tendency in marriage and relationship. The native can also involve in physical fight but it is not a placement of divorce.

Mars in Taurus in eighth house/Mars in Taurus in 8th house

The position shows arguments and power struggle in married life that can lead to disputes and sudden events. It also shows that the spouse is money minded and the spouse puts a lot of effort in making money and may involve in wealth related business.

Mars in Taurus in ninth house /Mars in Taurus in 9th house

A lot of power struggle with guru or teaching of father. The native questions their guru and feel their knowledge on religion and philosophy is best. The native can also impose their religious views on others that can lead to fights. Hence, the native needs to learn to respect others views and opinions in religion and philosophy.

Mars in Taurus in tenth house/Mars in Taurus in 10th house

Mars is in upachya house and the result will improve with time. The native is interested in taking higher education related to the field of technology. But Mars in tenth house can cause certain ups and downs in career. It can also lead to bullying in workplace due to the native individual belief. It also shows immense will power to rise in career.

Mars in Taurus in eleventh house / Mars in Taurus in 11th house

Mars is in upachya house and the result will improve with time. The native works in big financial institutions or banks. The native can be in business related to finance. This position can also lead to power struggle with father. On the other hand, the native gains and looses money at same speed. The native dominates over siblings and friends.

Mars in Taurus in twelfth house /Mars in Taurus in 12th house

The native earns money from foreign land. The native can be a sportsman or soldier who goes to isolated place to earn money. But the native can be a spendthrift too. If Mars is malefic the native can land in jails and hospitals.

The results will vary depending on aspects and conjunction. So whole analysis is required.

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