Atmakaraka through houses

Atmakaraka is not your personality, money etc but it is your duty to perform in this life. When we read the sacred books, we understand that nakshatra came from Shiva, rashis came from Narayana and planetary energies came from Brahma. Atmakaraka is the planet with highest degree in your natal chart except rahu and ketu. It ascended from atma linga of Shiva. Here I will discuss Atmakaraka through houses.

Atmakaraka in first house/ 1st house

Atmakaraka in first house shows that one needs to take care of themselves. One needs to focus on themselves as they have not done the same in previous life. It is their primary responsibility in this life to take care of themselves. So, they must be focused on themselves.

Atmakaraka in second house/ 2nd house

One needs to handle money and may need to provide money to the family for their sustainibility. It is their duty in this life to take care of immediate family or other families.In past life, they may have benefitted from other people money or support. Hence, it is the primary responsibility of the individual in this life to help the family members in their need or provide them financial assistance. It is also their responsibility to take care of the family in this life. Running away from the responsibility of atmakaraka can make one feel like they are missing something in life.

Atmakaraka in third house/ 3rd house

Atmakaraka in third house shows that one must have good relationship with sibling especially younger sibling and father in law. It is their primary responsibility to have good relationship with younger sibling and father in law. Short distance travel and crossing state border frequently can also be the part of the duty.

Atmakaraka in fourth house/ 4th house

Atmakaraka in fourth house shows that one needs to take responsibility of home and family members. It is their primary duty to take care of home and mother along with children, spouse, father. Even if the individual has restricted or limited relationship with mother but taking care of mother will help to burn the pending karmas related to the atmakaraka.

Atmakaraka in fifth house/ 5th house

Atmakaraka in fifth house shows that one needs to take utmost care of their children. It is their primary responsibility to learn continously. Learning is one of the important aspect for atmakaraka in fifth house. Regardless of their consent, they can also be forced to do some mantra Sadhana.

Atmakaraka in sixth house/ 6th house

Atmakaraka in sixth house shows that people comes to the individual when they are suffering. It is the primary responsibility of the individual to take care of the individual during their illness. In professional life,colleague may approach to the individual seeking help, it is the responsibility of the individual to help those people. If one is a celebrity with this atmakaraka shows that they may involve in charity or may perform arts to raise funds foe people in need.

Atmakaraka in seventh house/ 7th house

Atmakaraka in seventh house shows that one needs to listen or take care of spouse. Ego of the individual can be hurt with this position of atmakaraka. The individual can feel humiliated by others if s/he is famous. The position shows that in past life, the individual was selfish and cruel. In this life, the individual may get a spouse who can demand or need a lot of things. It is their responsibility to fulfill the demand of their husband or other people.

Atmakaraka in eighth house/ 8th house

Atmakaraka in eighth house shows that one need to serve the spouse family and help them in their need. If they are against occult and mysticism then they may suffer in life. Hence it is always good for them to incline towards occult and mysticism. It will help them to burn their pending karma.

Atmakaraka in ninth house/ 9th house

With Atmakaraka in ninth house, one must be responsible towards guru and father. One may be forced to pursue higher education against their will. It shows one is fulfilling desire of father or guru. The individual can also provide voluntary service in ashrams or may do internship without getting paid. These activities of the individual helps to burn the pending karmas. Atmakaraka in ninth house shows that commitment was broken in past life. It shows one must follow righteousness in this life and indulging in wrong path can make them suffer.

Atmakaraka in tenth house/10th house

Atmakaraka in 10th house shows that one may need to work for long hours in professional life. They can work for govt, other organization etc. It shows that in previous life, one didn’t take care of their employees or may lead a wrong path or ran away from responsibilities in professional life. In this life, the individual may need to fight and work.

Atmakaraka in the 11th house/eleventh house

Atmakaraka in eleventh house shows that one may need to dealwith major suffering of people. They can work with NGO and can also be an activist for some cause or an union leader. At the same time, one can also have duty towards elder siblings.

Atmakaraka in the 12th house/twelfth house

Atmakaraka in twelfth house shows that their pending karmas are exhausted but they need to be silent in this life. The more they to socialize in this life, the more problems they can gather. One can take the path of monk with Atmakaraka in 12th house. One can settle in a foreign land with atmakaraka in 12th house.

Planets as Atmakaraka

What Saturn as Atmakaraka signifies/ Atmakaraka Saturn

If Saturn is atmakaraka , it indicates you have to work really hard for others or for unknown people. You have to work for long time and long hours. It shows that you can be in politics or can be related to social organization. You can make reforms for people and you need to be at the highest position in professional life. Saturn as atmakaraka shows that those qualities were missing in your previous birth or prarabdh. So in this birth, you may need to work 18 to 20 hours a day but still people may be against you. That will give lot of pain and harassment to the individual.

What Jupiter as Atmakaraka signifies/ Atmakaraka Jupiter

Though Jupiter is an auspicious planet, it is the planet of justice, law and protocol.When Jupiter is atmakaraka, one will always find unjustified situation in life though they look for justification. It shows in past life one was unable to handle the unjustified situation. Strengthen your Saturn if Jupiter is atmakaraka.

What Mars as Atmakaraka signifies/ Atmakaraka Mars

Mars as atmakaraka had the ability to protect many people. One can be an asset to nation with Mars as atmakaraka. It shows one can set up business which can help many people to earn their living. Mars as atmakaraka gives great strength to bear pain or health issue. If one cannot tolerate pain, one must gain strength to tolerate pain as it will help to burn the pending karmas.

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What Moon as Atmakaraka signifies/ Atmakaraka moon

Moon being atmakaraka shows that they need to nourish their life, they need to be emotional towards others. Moon as atmakaraka shows that in past life, the individual was practical but had many emotionless karmas.

What Venus as atmakaraka signifies/ Atmakaraka Venus

Venus as atmakaraka shows that one needs to work with devotion. It shows that one remains devoted to their partner and expect the same from partner. This creates issues in relationship. One must learn in this life that devotion is one sided. With Venus atmakaraka shows that one feels difficult to stay in a relationship due to expectations. When Venus is an atmakaraka in fifth or seventh house, one will have very high expectations from marriage. The individual nourish the spouse, take care of spouse and expect the same in return. The relationship problems starts due to such expectations.

However, after the age of 36, they settle and understand that love is giving but still the tendency will be there.

What Mercury as Atmakaraka signifies/ Atmakaraka Mercury

Mercury shows they must watch their language while speaking. Communication should improve for the individual. One can hurt others due to mercury as atmakaraka. They need to watch their tone and improve communication. However when Sun is with mercury, the communication improves. Mercury needs support of sun to improve the communication.

Mercury as atmakaraka shows one can read or write a lot. It shows that they can learn different languages. However, one settles the karmas in harder way as mercury is a planet of communication and we are communicating all the time.

What Sun as Atmakaraka signifies/ Atmakaraka Sun

Sun as atmakaraka shows one has to protect other people, nourish other people, they have to work really hard. The individual crave for independence. They have to communicate patiently while helping other people. Sun as atmakaraka one have to be spiritual in their work. They have to enhance the Jupiter.

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Rahu and ketu are not considered in atmakaraka in my opinion as Rahu and ketu cannot perform alone as atmakaraka.

Remedies for atmakaraka

  1. One must visit Jyotirlinga on their birthday.
  2. Read Gopal sahashranama on every Sankranti day
  3. Hare krishna Mantra 16 rounds every day
  4. Reading Shiva Mahapurana
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