Color in religion and astrology

Osho theory

The psychology of color is a mental thing. Every being is attracted to a particular color depending on the state of their mind. So, if one choose yellow, it shows that one is fearful and deeply rooted to fear while choosing red shows one is alive, vibrant and deeply rooted to life. When one is still, one chooses blue while when one is active and still one chooses green. The concept of those colors are also found in astrology. Blue is for Saturn and Saturn is a very transparent planet. It is cold, dry and much still than other planets. While red is for Mars and sun. Those are fiery planets and symbolic to one’s agility. While yellow is Jupiter. Jupiter is old planet but indicates responsibilities and spirituality. While green is for mercury. Mercury is a very active. So, one who is still but active chooses mercury.

Now in west, people are also engaged in color psychology test. Different colors are given to a particular person and their choice of color lead to analysis of their mind. Osho mentioned that if one choose yellow color first then they will choose the red color at last. Because yellow is the color of death and red is color of life. These color tests are done multiple times before any conclusion.

Even we choose our clothes based on our thoughts. Our mind plays a role in choosing the color of cloth. But the concept of color stays only when you are within your mind. Once you are beyond your mind, all color are colorless

Color in religion

There are two basic color in religion: red and green. While red is for Hindus, green is for Muslims. Osho interpreted the color concept in religion very beautifully. As Hinduism is one of the ancient religion, the concept of red can never be wrong because red comprises green. To be more precise, a tree is green In color While its flowers are red. A tree can be without flower but flower cannot be without tree. So, to conclude green can be without red but red cannot be without green. Red is everywhere, the color of blood is red and the sun is red. It is one of the most vibrant color. But if we contemplate deeper, all seven color forms a rainbow and also white color comprises all seven color. This is very strange that how all seven color give rise to no color- white. And all color lead to one color- white.

That’s why Jainism choose white as the color for monks and nuns. Jains believe that spirituality begins only with white. Muslims choose green because they believe that even silence should be active. While the color black means absence of everything and indicates only nothingness.
Every color is meaningful. But once we are beyond color, it opens the door to spirituality.

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