Saturn in different houses of Dasamsa in vedic astrology

Dasamsa is derived from the word ‘Daas’ meaning ten and ‘amsa’ meaning division. Dasamsa Chart is the divisional chart of tenth house and hence the name Dasamsa. The tenth house is the house of profession and growth. Saturn is the atmakaraka of Dasamsa chart. Here are the details of Saturn in different houses of Dasamsa.

Saturn in first house of Dasamsa

The position shows that a person needs to pay heavy karma in workplace. They may need to start working from a very early age and there can be responsibilities of home.

Saturn in first house may also show less sustainability in partnership business. They can have huge professional network circle and after the age of 36 Saturn gives stability in job.

They will fail at least three times if they travel for work and can handle administrative duties in workplace. On the other hand, they are very hard working individuals and Saturn gives success only after the age of 36 if the individual worked really hard.

Saturn in second house of dasamsa

They are traditional, very practical, straight forward people. They can have restricted relationships with people of homeland till the age of 36 and can get support from people only after the age of 34.

Such native love to collect antique pieces. Fame and success comes later in life. They start earning well after the age of 35.

Saturn in third house of Dasamsa

It is a good position as Saturn being malefic is in a upachya house. It shows that business can be the source of income for the native. They get success only after a certain age.

They may have a karmic relationship with colleagues at early stages of their career or may be till 28. It also shows that the native needs to be patient while dealing with others. They will have to work with a foreign company or may need to go to a foreign land for work.

After the age of 36 to 42, they will get a good mentor in their life who can shows the ropes of success. They are independent people with straight forward communication and don’t like partnership.

Saturn in fourth house of Dasamsa

Peace of mind will come only through duty, commitment and sacrifice. Peace of mind comes after a certain age in workplace. They can be in service and bosses can expect a lot from them.

They may get less values or importance in workplace in early stages of their career. But at the same times, they need to take orders from authorities and fulfill the same.

They may gain power through public or masses and may start wining competition and rivalries after 32. Their hurdles starts getting resolved after the age of 32.

Saturn in fifth house of Dasamsa

This position of Saturn limits the intelligence of the person and the person keeps on working in limited boundary hoping to succeed in life. Success comes only after mid 30.

Even if they are in authority position they will lead only few people. Partnership business may not work for them. Because their ego can create obstacles and enemies in workspace.

Fame and recognition comes later in life. They have a very rough way of speaking.

Saturn in sixth house of dasamsa

Saturn in sixth house is one of the best placement as it is in one of the upachya house. It shows the person can execute their karma and improves with time because sixth house also shows our past karmas. Their hard work starts paying them after 30.

They have limited rivals, enemies and even if they have than they remain suppressed. They can be rebellious and suppress their enemy through revolt. The position of Saturn also suggest less or no debts or expenses in career. It also shows getting result of their career on time.

But at the same time, they can be accused of office politics. They can get less support from authorities and can have expenses on taxes and other people.

They can earn money through hard work and can have most impactful speech. Hidden deals in workplace never work for them. Their bosses are always elder than them and they are always in regular repetitive task.

Saturn in seventh house of Dasamsa

Saturn gets directional strength in 7th house and it shows one’s action, reputation and fame in world. This is a position where Saturn doesn’t let one take advantage of others. It is a position of devotion, sacrifice and work.

Marriage can bring changes in workplace and it also shows one can have a karmic relationship with mentors in workfield. One has to do their own business as they may not get the worthiness of their work in workplace.

They always look for long time contracts in business. It also shows gain of property after marriage. As 7th house is the house of masses and public one may work for public. They can be in public offices. One can be really tall and it also shows growth in career.

Saturn in eighth house of Dasamsa

The position shows lots of ups and down in career. Major transformation and changes in reputation and career. There can be issues with authorities/bosses.

Saturn in ninth house of dasamsa

They can be in authoritative position and mentors come late in life. They can be rejected by mentors lately in life and can travel to foreign land for work purpose or can stay away from home.

On the other hand, they may not get support from lot of people and may need to survive with minimal support in an organization. They may have some karma related to large organization.

Rivals can be powerful but it will not have any harmful impact on the individual. They rather like to work in a structural organization rather than doing business.

Saturn in tenth house of dasamsa

Saturn in tenth house shows strict rules and regulations at workplace. One always prefer short distance journey over long distance for work purpose. They are all about accumulation and savings.

They get support in workplace from mentor only after the age of 36. At the same time, they can easily pay their debts and loves to deal with rivals and competition.

Service is important for them and they like to be service provider. Their career flourishes after marriage and after 36. They do extremely well in long term commitment in workplace.

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Saturn in eleventh house of Dasamsa

Saturn gives stability and steady rise in organization. They can have selective network circle. If they are in construction or manual job, they may get some injury in workspace. They may sacrifice for others and this position can be a great placement for partnership. Their work may also involve working with metal. They may gain brand and reputation at early age.

Saturn in twelfth house of dasamsa

They love to enjoy working behind the scenes. They may also travel to far land for work purpose but after age of 36 they may not like to work. Spiritual inclination and philanthropical work can be seen after the age of 36.

They will always suppress their enemies and work rivals and may not get mentor at work and always lack guidance in workplace. They do not like to be on stage. On the other hand, they may get separated from family after the age of 35 due to work purpose.

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