Destiny or Free Will?

While I was hearing the speech of Swami Mukundananda, I came across an interesting story. The story provoked me to write this article. The story is about a boy who went to different astrologers to know his destiny. He wants to know if he has a bright or bleek future. While few astrologers painted his future with positivity and optimism, few predicted  the dark sides of his destiny. He felt that he should go to one of the renowned astrologer to be more clear about his future.

One day he went to the most renowned astrologer who handed a tortoise to him. After handing the tortoise, the astrologers pointed out two holes, one colored in white and another colored in black. He briefed that he should leave the tortoise and if it enters into the black hole, his destiny is dark and if it enters in white hole, it will be bright. The boy left the tortoise from his hand and as it started approaching slowly towards the hole, his anxiety increased. Finally, the tortoise reached the black hole and peeped his head inside the hole. The boy became restless ane before it enters completely into the dark hole, he lifted the tortoise and put it near the white hole. The astrologer screamed at the boy. But that day the boy realized that his destiny is in his own hand.

Destiny or Free Will?

Destiny or free will is always a debatable topic. While few believed that their free will can transform their life, few believed that one cannot escape the wrath of destiny. Actually, both are right in their own way. Our present life is the result of all our karmas of endless lifetimes. And our karmas play an important role to determine the present and future of our life. The Sanchit karmas- the accumulated karmas of our past life, already predestined five things of present life.
1. Our birth
2. Karmas in this life
3. Wealth
4. Death

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Twist in life

Among all the karmas of life that we do, there is a free will involved. Our free will gives us the freedom to tackle the situations in life.  The free will decides if we should blame our destiny or grow up spiritually in the journey of life. It decides if we feel victimized or hopeful while dealing with the challenges of life. Though we have the freedom but there can be very few alternatives in situations of life that we can choose as per our will. But opting the right choice among all the alternative purifies our soul and mind. It transforms us to seek higher spiritual belief.

So, our free will in life leads to good or bad karmas and those karmas will again arise a situation for dealing with free will.  In this way, both destiny and free will are related in life. Both are dependent on each other. Both are linked but both are results of each other.

Destiny is not in our hand and the alternative choices in free will is limited. But the right choice is  always the best choice in life.

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