Detailed analysis of ketu aspect in astrology

Detailed analysis of ketu aspect in astrology


Ketu shows the achievement of the past life. It represents illusion just like Rahu. At the same time, Ketu is also a planet that gives liberation and moksha. Ketu represents enlightenment, isolation, separation, spirituality, mystic world, other dimension and things related to other dimension. It represents son, dog, intuition, research ability etc. Here is the detailed analysis of aspect of ketu in astrology

Ketu in astrology

Aspects of Ketu:

In astrology, Ketu has three aspects- fifth, seventh and ninth from its position. The fifth aspect of ketu is lighter than ninth aspect. The fifth aspect shows curiosity regarding the activities of the individual house, ninth aspect shows digging deep or research related to the activities of the particular house.

Ketu is separation but it may not separate a person physically but emotionally. Ketu is a chaotic energy. The placement of ketu in any of the houses shows dissatisfaction related to the activities of that particular house.

On the other hand, the aspects of ketu to any of the twelve houses shows curiosity related to the people or activities of that particular house. So if Ketu is in third house, it will aspect ninth, ninth and first house.

Jupiter is the only planet that can control Rahu Ketu. Hence Ketu has the aspects of Jupiter. But rahu/ketu Jupiter conjunction generally gives a unusual / unconventional approach to the activities related to the house.

Like Rahu, Ketu is also illusion. But at the same time, Ketu also separates the person from the activities related to the house. The placement of Ketu in any house also shows a certain dissatisfaction towards the activities or people related to that house.

Rahu and ketu are magical energy

As ketu has a dual nature, it also has the capability to split a house in two parts. For example, ketu in 4th house can give two mother or mother like figure to the native. Ketu In 10th house can give two different career.

The aspects of Ketu indicates curiosity, research and investigation. So aspects of ketu in a certain house shows that the person is inclined to research and dig deep to the activities related to that particular house. At the same time, ketu isolates a person from the activities or people related to the house where it is placed as it is a chaotic energy.

Ketu is electricity, Hence fifth or ninth aspect of Ketu on mars can take one to the field of electrical engineering. On the other hand, fifth or ninth aspect of ketu on Saturn can take one to the field of mechanical engineering and research.

Fifth or ninth aspect of ketu on Jupiter and Saturn shows that the native can be interested in bio-mechanical field. On the contrary, fifth or 9th aspect of ketu on mercury, Mars and Saturn shows interest in physics.

Dignity of Ketu:

Both Rahu and Ketu are similar planet but Rahu is an outward or explosive planet whereas Ketu is an inward or implosive planet. Rahu explodes things and Ketu implodes things.

Rahu in Gemini can make a person communicative whereas Ketu in Gemini shows that the person can talk to himself/ herself. On the other hand, Rahu in Cancer can make one expressive about emotions while ketu can give one emotional issues.

So, mentioned below are the dignity of planet ketu

Ketu in Scorpio:Exalted/ own sign. Gives good result in research and digging deep in fields related to mysticism, spirituality and other dimension of universe.
Ketu in Pisces:
Benefic as Pisces and ketu both indicates spirituality.
Ketu in Gemini and Virgo:
Does well as Rahu and Ketu likes Mercury.
Ketu in Leo and Cancer:
In enemy sign, issues with authority and emotions.
Ketu in Taurus:
Ketu in Aries:
Active and impulsive especially in Ashwini nakshatra
Ketu in Sagittarius:
Looking for higher knowledge and wisdom
Ketu in Capricorn:
Separated from authority and does not like to work under anyone
Ketu in Libra:
Feeling isolated in relationship
Ketu in Aquarius:
Scientific research
The maturity age of Ketu is 48 years but it starts maturing from 42.

Ketu conjunct any other planet: When Ketu conjuncts any other planet, it shows past life karmic issues. Ketu conjunct Sun shows issues with father, ketu moon shows issues with mother, ketu mercury conjunction shows issues with siblings.

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Interpretation of aspect:

5th and 9th aspect:

The position of Ketu can isolate or separate a person from the people or activities related to the house. The aspect of Ketu makes one curious and research oriented to the activities related to that house.

For example: Ketu in first house can separate a person from his/her self and surroundings but fifth and ninth aspect of ketu will help them to research a lot on higher education, teaching, religion, philosophy, cultures, wisdom.

Ketu in 10th house can separate one from workplace but aspect on 2nd and 6th house shows research on wealth, finance, debts and diseases.

7th house:

Ketu also has seventh aspect but Rahu is opposite to Ketu. Though Ketu tries to separate the person through its seventh aspect but Rahu will keep the person attached to that house.

For example Ketu in eighth house aspect the second house through its seventh aspect, the person may be less inclined towards family and wealth but Rahu will give attraction towards his/her family.

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