Dharmakarma adhipati yoga/rajyoga

Dharmakarma adhipati yoga/Dharmakarma adhipati rajyoga

Ninth /9th house is the house spirituality, law, religion, philosophy and tenth/10th house is the house of career, fame, reputation. Dharma is religion and karma is the house of duty to earn your living. Here is the detailed analysis of Dharmakarma adhipati yoga

Dharmakarma adhipati yoga

When there is a connection of 9th lord and 10th lord, the yoga formed is dharmakarma adhipati yoga. The yoga is powerful if both planets are conjunct in kendra or trikona houses as they form powerful rajyoga or if both planets are exchanging houses as shown above in the chart. It also shows the person can take religious studies as career, even an astrologer can have the conjunction though it is not the case always nowadays. The person can take a lot of religious pilgrimage. The conjunction shows that your higher education will be helpful in career unless the houses are badhakesh. It also shows that your creativity can also be helpful for career. It can either be academic or non academics. Aspect of planets of 9th and 10th house also creates this yoga but it may not be that powerful.

Is the yoga malefic or benefic?

It depends on nature of planets involved. If 9th and 10th lord are enemies then the yoga can be stressful and the person may find hard time in career and higher education but if the lord of 9th and 10th lord are friends than it will not be stressful.

The conjunction can be stressful in 6th,8th,12th house if placed in enemy signs.

The best result can be experienced only during dasha of the planets involved in these yogas

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