Diplomacy, honesty and astrology

Now as I wrote many articles in astrology,I always found that whenever a malefic planet like Mars, Rahu etc is placed in second house or third house or if mercury is afflicted , people lies. There are even instances when they lied to me and I caught it. When I ask them about relationships , they will be stating that everything is honky dory but as I see the chart I can definitely make out that there are some problems in relationships. And after the entire analysis, they will come up with all their relationship problems. I even had clients for whom everything in life seems smooth than what you want to know about your smooth life?

It is always taught to us that we should never lie but in this kaliyug, you can expect Rahu, debilitated mars or Rahu with mercury can give better result as it can lie, manipulate and cheat others. Such people are respected in society because they are diplomatic. I am not here to criticize people about their lies and truths. I just want to throw light on diplomacy and honesty.

What is diplomacy? Which planets are responsible for diplomacy?
Diplomacy is a way of handling situations tactfully.

So how a person handle a situation tactfully?

They handle it by telling lies or remaining silent. So as silence always wont work and people expect replies, so people need to lie to handle situations. You need to lie in relationships, marriage, business and office to handle situations. For eg: if your boss ask how is his shirt, except few crazy, no one will tell its bad even if they don’t like.

The planets that can give good diplomacy skills are – Rahu with mercury, debilitated Mars, Venus with malefic or enemy sign, debilitated Jupiter, ill placed Saturn, well placed Rahu. When any of the planet affect the intelligence, speech and communication of the native’s horoscope the person becomes diplomatic and cunning. Mars in ashlesha nakshatra can make one cheat others or their life partner. At the same time position of moon is very important as it always needs to be calm to handle tactful situations.

How Diplomacy helps?

As per me, it helps when you deal with people who are not really important in life or people in professional field. But it never helps in relationships and marriages. As per me, relationships and marriages are pure bonds that should not be handled tactfully. You need to be tactful in family and relationship only when :

  1. You need to prove yourself or compare yourself with other family members .
  2. If you feel you have done enough for the family and you need something in return.
  3. If you feel insecure about yourself in family and you need security from other members of family.
  4. If you divide family and relationships. For eg: your family and in laws family, your paternal and maternal relatives, your daughter in law and your son.
  5. If you have greed for your own intentions, property or money related matters in family.

The reasons can be many but I opine, none of the options are required to lead a healthy family life. It is just a matter of consciousness. If you are true to yourself then nothing can stop you from leading a good family life. If you can accept others just like your own family than things will be quite simple.

As per me, most of the time, people are diplomatic because they have a sense of insecurity. They feel that their work should be done first in family or officially and then they can be brutally honest. In the meantime, does that mean the diplomatic person is becoming selfish for fulfilling his/her own intentions? It will be like using the other person for selfish reason, kicking the person once the work is done. Too bad!

Why not to be brutally honest?

People cannot be brutally honest with others because of ego and self esteem. Our ego is very fragile. The planet that controls our ego is Sun. Sun is our confidence and pride, we take on ourselves. Sun is our soul and sun is satvic in nature which means Sun indicates honesty not diplomacy. When you are honest, you may get thousands of obstacles but finally Sun gives you courage to face and being a satvic planet and your soul it helps to know the other realm of yourself which is pure and free from logical world. So our horoscopes are meant like that. Unfortunately,its a sort of sin to be brutally honest nowadays. Our false pride, ego and self esteem eclipsed us from accepting our mistakes and drawbacks. So we should strike out the line from the books “Honesty is the best policy!” It never helps in kaliyug.

Why to be brutally honest?

Being brutally honest can help in improvement of family and relationships if everyone can accept their mistakes and drawbacks. It will be a sort of self realization to every member of the family, relationships and society. And when you have a society based on values and truthfulness, that’s the utmost power a society or relationship can have.

How to be brutally honest?

  1. Be selfless while serving the family members.
  2. Do not divide and rule in family.
  3. Still if they do not change, be strong and do not pay importance to them.

If you can succeed in doing these, you will be always happy in family.

What you can expect from being brutally honest?

Karmas, karmas and good karmas.. Nothing else! You are true to yourself and the world. You did not hide anything.

Our Karmas are ruled by Saturn, the son of Sun. And sun and Saturn are extreme enemies in astrology. Because Saturn is all about service and Sun is king. In mythology,many times we see the true king is the one who serves his kingdom. And king who showed their pride without serving others, destroyed their own destiny and opportunity of holding the coveted title of kingship. So without service and karma, nothing works in this universe.

Which planet can make you brutally honest?

Well placed Sun, well placed Saturn, Mars, ketu especially in 2nd, 3rd, 5th house can make you brutally honest.. Those planets can also make people very blunt in their communication.

Does not being brutally honest has its own consequences?

Definitely it’s a Yes. But if steps are taken and everyone is aware, it may be problem at beginning but not at the end.

Ancient sages always indicated diplomacy and lies as a negative trait of human character. So Rahu, afflicted mars, afflicted mercury or debilitated planet were considered bad planet in terms of speech and communication . They got the knowledge after thousands years of penance and as per my opinion, they can never be wrong. We, as humans, are just minute particles in this infinite universe. We cannot reach that epitome of knowledge but at least we can try to follow their path to lead a good life.

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