Scorpio is a watery sign. It is all about research, digging deep, finding out the secrets, mysticism, occult. Jupiter is a preacher when jupiter is placed in scorpio, jupiter is not comfortable, any planet in scorpio is not comfortable. Jupiter now needs to follow the law of Mars. If Mars is in a good position, the native will dig deep in research work.

As jupiter is a knowledge oriented planet the person can be an occultist. He can dig deep in occult, mysticism, tantra, sadhana and jupiter being a preacher will preach the knowledge to others. They can be government spy, detectives and police who dig deep to solve a case. Scorpio is a watery sign and diving dark deep water is fearful. Scorpio is also indication of fear. But if Mars is not in a good position or debilitated or in any of the dustana house, jupiter can be manipulative and harmful.

The type of nakshatra will affect jupiter characteristics. Jupiter in vishakha nakshatra will be controlled by its own nakshatra, in anuradha nakshatra it will be ruled by saturn and in jyeshta nakshatra jupiter will be ruled by mercury.
The Lord of scorpio, Mars and ketu should also be looked at before completely analysing the position of jupiter

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