Gemstones cannot mend our karmas

Karma cannot be mended by wearing gemstones


We are humans, the highest form of life with strong will power, intellect, intelligence and intents. In our daily lives ,our thoughts ,acts or work that we do, creates an impression in our subconscious mind secretly and whatever you seek in life is the result of this impression created in the subconscious mind , in other words this is our Karma and the result of Karma is our destiny. Every individual is born with a certain planetary alignment and everyone has to face the result of the planetary alignment in their lifetime. So here we will discuss if precious stones or gemstones can mend our karma? Or if gemstones cannot mend our karmas…

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Astrology and astrologer

Astrology is a very complex and controversial subject. An astrologer predicts the future of an individual and believing their predictions many people wants to mend their destiny by wearing gemstones.

In order to mend their destiny, people starts wearing precious stones like onyx, emerald, neela, topaz. They believe that it will change their destiny. But does it really happen that a precious stone can change the karma of an individual?

Predictions of astrologer

An astrologer predicts the planets, nakshatras, ascendant, rising sign etc of an individual based on the timing of birth. S/he predicts the good and bad time of an individual based on the planetary dashas/periods , placement of benefic and malefic planets.

An astrologer will predict the result of the karmas of the native and when the native will incur gains and losses in his/her lifetime. An astrologer can suggest many ways to get rid of malefic or cruel planets but wearing gemstones or precious stone never guarantees mending destiny or turning a malefic planet into a beneficial one. Wearing gemstone can only partially impact the destiny /karmas.

Moon in all nakshatras in astrology

An astrologer predicts the ascendant, rising sign and nakshatra of an individual during the time of his birth. The zodiac placement of nine planets are decided based on the prediction.

Once the horoscope is ready an astrologer derives the results of each planet. He predicts how the planet or planetary dashas will impact the individual . An individual is always born with good and bad deed.

Hence, s/he is destined to get equal amount of good and bad result in his /her lifetime. Whatever karmas or actions s/he will perform in the entire life, the actions also may have certain good and bad deeds.

After reaping the result of the karmas in his entire life, whatever karmas left will lead to his/her rebirth. In this way, the cycle of life goes on.

Virtues and Sins

Virtues and sins are part of every individual. So every individual are destined to face happiness and sadness in life. Destiny of very few people shows continuous happiness or sadness in their entire life. But past and present karmas weighs good result of each planet.

More or less, there must be some past life deeds of every individual that cannot be changed. Worshiping divine, wearing gemstone or worshiping planets can lessen the impact to a certain extent but everyone has to face their karmas.

The creation and the creator

The entire creation is under the constant flow of time. Under the eternal infinite period, the state of creation is revolving numerous times. Even Shiva, the mahakaal who is all powerful was unable to break the discipline and rules of the creation.

The constellation of the sky , revolution , rotation of planets, creation, state of creation, everything in this world has certain rules , regulations and time. In holy book Gita, Lord mentioned himself as the embodiment of time. So when we realize about the absolute and infinite time , we become aware about the entire creation .

We understand that we all resides in the womb of the absolute time.

In ancient India, the great sages were capable to be aware of the entire creation. The great sages used to analyse a particular time and perceive what lies ahead of the creation.

They had the capability to analyse even the minute details through their senses and psychic ability. But we as normal human are not able to reach that stage so we all depend on astrology.

Quotes of Lord Krishna

Even in modern world, the prediction of great scholars came true in the lives of human. If future of an individual is not predestined then it would not been possible for anyone to predict the future.

Even the holy book, Gita also supports that human life is predestined. In Mahabharata, When Arjun was overwhelmed with sadness in war and decided to leave the battlefield, then Lord Krishna said

Moya hatasthang jahi ma bethista”- means I am the one who killed them.

Again he said ” Hritehapi tang na bhabisyanti sorbe , sehabostrita pratyanikesu jodha”- Means if you don’t fight then there will be no fighter in this war. Again he said “Kalohosmi lokkhoykrito probridho”- Means, I am the former one to kill them, you are just the means.

So how wearing gemstone can change the predestined karmas?

Various good and evil desires hides in every human mind as a result of their karmas performed in present and past life. Due to unbelievable attributes of the raja and tama guna , an individual has desires, anger, greed, lust, jealousy, selfishness.

On the other hand, due to the attributes of satvic nature, an individual also has attributes of respect, kindness, forgiveness, truthfulness, love, purity. Every human, animals, birds, even every little objects in this world are not free from the influence of Raja, Tama and Sativic natures.

As per the sages, when Satvic attributes arises in the soul of every individual then it leads to the manifestation of peace, happiness, love, truth, forgiveness, tolerance and knowledge.

When Rajasic attributes arises in human soul it leads to the manifestation of anger, greed, desire, lies, pride , materialistic desires. Tamasic attributes in human can lead to laziness, ignorance, acute addiction.

All those attributes impact our thoughts , actions and intellect in our daily life. That’s why each individual is born with different characteristics.

Impacts of karma

Every person in this world is under the influence of their own karma. Every individual enjoys the fruits of their own deeds. Either they are living in this world in peace or reaping the result of karmas through enjoyment, love , hatred, pain, happiness etc.

Only the divine knows when or how he will bestow the results of the karmas of an individual. So every individual must be aware of their everyday life.

In the modern world, most of the human are ignorant about their karmas. So they are becoming hopeless and this result in pain, sadness and sufferings in everyday life. To get rid of those sufferings and pain, people are consulting astrologers and godfathers. But do they really get rid of situations and sufferings?

The most famous book in vedic astrology is Parashara Hora Shastra. Shri Maharshi Parasara, the great sage, wrote it. At the beginning of the Hora shastra Maharshi Parashara stated

“Vidhyatri likhita ja ja lalatakshar malika.
Tashya sarira kathanang vyekhami cha prithaka prithaka.”

It means Whatever the creation decides that will only happen. If everything is predestined than how a precious stone can change the destiny of individual? When this question will rise in the mind of every individual than only people will get solution of their problem. Wake up!

-Smt. Aparajita Bhattacharjee

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