Krittika nakshatra in vedic astrology

Krittika nakshatra is the third nakshatra in vedic astrology.

Sign and degree

Sun rules the nakshatra and its symbol is knife. The nakshatra ranges from 26.5 degree Aries to 10 degree Taurus. So it is the first nakshatra that ranges across two signs, Aries and Taurus.

But as major portion of energy of krittika nakshatra is in Taurus sign so the energy of krittika nakshatra mainly belongs to Taurus sign.


The deity of krittika nakshatra is the god of fire. The nakshatra lord is kartikeya who is the son of Shiva. He is known as god of war or commander of worldly forces.

The nakshatra lord of krittika is Sun. As the nakshatra is spreading across Aries and Taurus, Mars rules the Aries part and Venus rules the Taurus part of the nakshatra

Name and meaning

Krittika and kritik word has same meaning. Krittika means “the cutter” or “the one who cuts”. The nakshatra also relates to 7 wives of the 7 sages.


The main symbol of nakshatra is an axe. It also symbolizes a razor, blade or any sharp instrument which can incise. The picture also includes 7 krittikas or 7 sisters and a peacock.

Nakshatras in astrology

Activation of the nakshatra.

Besides dashas and planetary maturity, a planet also activates by the activation of nakshatra. Krittika nakshatra activates at age 7th,14th, 21st, 30th, 42nd, 43rd, 47th, 71st, 74th, 77th and 84th year.


Demons attacked Gods and Gods came to Shiva for help. Shiva was not able to help them during that time. Hence, he produced a son named Kartikeya. As Kartikeya was infant and demons can anytime attack them, he was protected by seven sisters or seven krittika or wives of seven sages. They protected him against the demons and they raised him so that s/he can defeat the demons.

Nakshatra effects

In a horoscope nakshatra of moon, sun or ascendant mainly effect the personality of an individual. Though other nakshatras should also be taken into consideration while analysing the dasha and planetary alignments .

If there are two planets in one nakshatra it shows a strong conjunction of those planets and there is a huge accumulation of energy. Hence. that nakshatra will have a major role in a person’s life.

There are four pada of each nakshatra and as the energy transits from first pada to the fourth one the energy of the nakshatra keeps on decreasing. The fourth pada of each nakshatra will also have energy of the first pada of the next nakshatra.

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Interpretation of the nakshatra

  1. As the nakshatra represents sharp weapons it can indicate surgeries and blood. It can also indicate a person who has a sharp tongue and can criticize bitterly.
  2. They are truthful and have a blunt approach to life.
  3. As kritika nakshatra and critic has same meaning, such people can be good at examining and analyzing things critically. They can also be good cook as they always look for perfection.
  4. While growing up, kartikeya got martial training to fight against demons, hence, it also represents training on weapons and military.
  5. The above interpretation is more prominent in Aries sign. Because Mars rules Aries . As the rest part of the nakshatra is in Taurus sign , they need security and safety. As per mythology too, Krittikas protected kartikeya.
  6. kartikeya was secretly handed over to krittikas, hence, the nakshatra shows immense danger, dealing things secretly, research and investigation.
  7. The nakshatra also relates to foster care or adoption. Because foster parents took care of Kartikeya.
  8. At the same time. it also relates to divine care of mother. Hence, moon is exalted at 3 degree in Taurus.
  9. It also shows interest in spiritually.
  10. Sun rules the nakshatra, hence, they can be good politician.
  11. They are more into leadership and entrepreneurship if moon or sun is in Aries sign while in Taurus sign they are more into arts and financial security.

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