Mars in Leo in all houses

Mars in Leo in all houses

Mars is our will power, ability to fight, ability to take action, aggression, courage, soldier, athlete, weapon, anger, brother, male friend, boy friend, real estate. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign ruled by Sun. Leo is all about creativity, arts, stage performance and show off. It is the sign of independence, confidence, ego and self esteem. Leo consist of two and half nakshatra, Magha, Purva phalguni and Uttarphalguni. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in Leo in all houses in Vedic astrology

Mars in Leo

Mars and Sun are quite friendly so it is one of the strongest position of Mars. As leo and sun both represents authority and king, the native can get lots of authority in life. The native is very action oriented towards his creative pursuit. The only problem with this position is the native can get aggressive very quickly. The effect of mars will be impacted by nakshatra. 

When Mars is ruled by magha nakshatra, the position of ketu will impact Mars. When mars is ruled by purvaphalguni nakshatra, the position of Venus will impact Mars. if mars is ruled by uttarphalguni nakshatra the position of sun will impact Mars.

Mars in Leo in first house/ Mars in Leo in 1st house

The native has strong religious belief and can enter into fights to defend his religious views. The native can also be too much into rituals. At the same time, the native can be in defense or in government sector. 

Mars in Leo in second house/ Mars in Leo in 2nd house

The native guards family values, wealth. Mars does well in Capricorn and Leo as both represents government and law and mars as soldier loves to follow the order of king , follow the laws. It also shows the native can be in defense sector. The speech of the native is harsh only in critical situations. It also shows a lawyer, govt spokesperson or motivational speaker.

Mars in Leo in third house/Mars in Leo in 3rd house

The native is a dynamic and creative person. The native can be dominating on siblings. The position is also good for sports and athletic field. At the same time, the native can earn through creative arts, media, movies.  The native can also be working for government and defense forces.

Mars in Leo in fourth house/ Mars in Leo in 4th house

The native gets lot of real estate property due to benefit from foreign land. The native is protective about his house and mother. It is also a position of someone in defense and security. The position can cause power struggle at home.

Mars in Leo in fifth house/ Mars in Leo in 5th house

The native can be a sports person and can also be very competitive in studies. The native can be dominating over partner. At the same time, the native may face few obstacles related to education and sports.

Mars in Leo in sixth house/Mars in Leo in 6th house

The native can be social activist or lawyer. The native fights for the rights of underprivileged people through communication. On the other hand, the native tries to bring balance in society. The native can also be govt representatives on social issues.

Mars in Leo in seventh house/ Mars in Leo in 7th house

The spouse is protective and dynamic in nature. It may lead to arguments, fights, abuse as the position is manglik and the native should marry another manglik only.

Mars in Leo in eighth house/Mars in Leo in 8th house

The native is very courageous to deal with transformation and sudden events of life. The native can come out from hard situations as Mars is in a friendly sign. At the same time, the native can work as a detective or spy for government. The native can also be a surgeon. As mars represents vehicles, the native should be careful regarding accident with vehicles.

Mars in Leo in ninth house/ Mars in Leo in 9th house

The native achieves success in higher education though the native would argue with their teacher and guru.

Mars in Leo in tenth house/ Mars in Leo in 10th house

The native has good relation with father and can also performs good in sports or athletic fields. The native can also be in police or defense force. At the same time, the native is free willed and strive for success in career which they gradually achieve. The native also has interest in politics

Mars in Leo in eleventh house/ Mars in Leo in 11th house

The spouse of the native is masculine and can be working in defense and security in government sectors. The native may earn from government sources. The native can be a good athlete too. The network circle of the native has sportsperson and athlete. There may be arguments regarding mutual desire in relationship but that will get sorted out.

Mars in Leo in twelfth house/ Mars in Leo in 12th house

The native can work in foreign land with work related to government. The native can be a secret spy of government. At the same time, the native can be a soldier, doctor or jail warden.

Aspects and conjunction will alter the result. the result will be prominent only during Mars Mahadasha.

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