Mars in Taurus in all houses

Mars in Taurus in all houses

Mars is will power, courage, ability to take action, anger, aggression, brother, male friend, soldier, athlete, real estate. Taurus is hoarded wealth, asset, saving, finance, luxury, liquid money. Taurus is ruled by two and half nakshatra: Kritika, Rohini and Mrigashira. And Taurus lord is Venus. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in Taurus in all houses in Vedic astrology

Mars in Taurus

Taurus is the sign of wealth, asset, food. luxuries in life. This shows that the native is indulged in consumption of fine food, pleasure , sensual relationship with opposite sex. The native works hard to gain financial status in life. The native put best effort in creative pursuit at best of their abilities. It shows energy and drive to be in artistic field. The native can be a wealth manager. The native can easily accumulate wealth especially real estate. The female figure in the native life plays an important role to drive the energy of mars.

Mars aspects on sign of Leo shows native being dynamic and loves to be the center of attraction. As Leo is also a sign of creativity shows creativity and performing arts. Mars can be very jealous of other people success as mars aspect the sign of Scorpio. mars aspect on Sagittarius shows pleasure through belief system, philosophy, higher learning. Mars aspect on Scorpio shows interest in occult and aspect on Sagittarius shows interest in higher learning.
Now coming to the nakshatra, Kritika is ruled by sun , so if mars is controlled by position of sun, in Mrigashira, mars is its own sign. In Rohini, mars is impacted by the position of moon. Now lets discuss mars in Taurus in all houses.

Mars in Taurus in first house/ Mars in Taurus in 1st house

The native is concerned about physique and has dominating personality. There can also be increase in expenditure. At the same time, the position shows happiness and gains from real estates.

Mars in Taurus in second house / Mars in Taurus in 2nd house

The native works hard to gain financial status and may also fight in family for wealth. At the same time, the native protects family wealth and gain from inheritance.

Mars in Taurus in third house / Mars in Taurus in 3rd house

The native puts effort to gain wealth, At the same time, siblings may help to set up business.

Mars in Taurus in fourth house / Mars in Taurus in 4th house

The native can gain from real estate and there can also be arguments at home.

Mars in Taurus in fifth house / Mars in Taurus in 5th house

The native can gain wealth from speculative business and stock trading. The native can also deal with real estate and can keep properties as securities.

Mars in Taurus in sixth house / Mars in Taurus in 6th house

The native can do well in legal field. At the same time, the native can be rich with debts/loans. They can also be competing in sports and have good fighting ability.

Mars in Taurus in seventh house / Mars in Taurus in 7th house

Dominating in relationship, fight with wealth and asset

Mars in Taurus in eighth house / Mars in Taurus in 8th house

The spouse of the native can be money minded and dominating. There can also be power struggle with spouse. They can earn from wealth related business after marriage

Mars in Taurus in ninth house / Mars in Taurus in 9th house

The native can have individual belief and can also impose religious views on other. there can also be power struggles with gurus.

Mars in Taurus in tenth house / Mars in Taurus in 10th house

The native can gain from higher education related to technology though there can be certain ups and downs in career. The native can be dominating in office and have strong will power to rise in career. At the same time, the native is headstrong about belief system. Relationship with father may suffer.

Mars in Taurus in eleventh house / Mars in Taurus in 11th house

The native can gain from career and can also gain and lose money at same speed. They can also do business related to finance. The native can be dominating over siblings and network that reduce gains. Relationship with father may suffer

Mars in Taurus in twelfth house / Mars in Taurus in 12th house

There can be losses and expenses and the native can be spendthrift. The native moves to isolated place to earn money. they can also land in hospital and jail due to aggression or fights.

Result may be different due to aspect, conjunction, combust and retrograde planet. Comment for queries.

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