Moon through houses for Capricorn ascendant

Moon is a very soft but illuminating planet in astrology. Based on the birth of the individual, there can be waning and waxing moon in the horoscope. Waxing moon is generally stronger than waning moon. And waning moon is also mildly malefic in astrology. We can consider an example- both waxing and waning moon can give fame when moon is in 10th house but waning moon can give some blemishes along with fame. Here we will describe moon through houses for Capricorn ascendant.

Moon in first house of Capricorn ascendant

The native is extremely creative and can have some vocal talent. They can be adventurous and at the same time can be extremely romantic. The native can sacrifice anything for love and relationship. Mother can be very authoritative or can be in an authoritative position. They can meet their spouse at distant land.

However, before marriage they can face some issues in romantic relationship. After marriage, they can achieve home, land, real estate. They are extremely private person and their surrounding people can be unaware about the feeling of the native. With waxing moon in ascendant, one can be very stylist. However aspect of other planet can impact the result. Aspect of mars on moon can create argument with mother. The native will have a great reputation. With waning moon, one will love psychology and would also love to be a mind reader. They are not much interested in luxury food or fine dining but only interested in great partnership.

Moon in second house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Aquarius in second house of Capricorn ascendant. The spouse will control the bank account but too much involvement of spouse in bank account can be challenging to deal with. The native will attract an individual or spouse who can be unique or may be eccentric in his or her qualities.

The spouse can also search for connection to other realms. Wealth of the native will increase and friendships with people too after marriage. The native is adjustable. Food habits will change after marriage. The spouse can be obsessed dealing with children. There can be unusual interaction or fight with the inlaws. They can make money from foreign sources and foreign land. At the same time they can be interested dealing with herbs and essential oil.

Moon in third house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon in the sign of Pisces for Capricorn ascendant can make one stand against animal abuse and they can help the innocent. They can be influenced by younger sibling. Mother an meet your father during travelling and there can be difference in belief system between mother and father. Father can have some habit of gambling or may have left house at a very early age. Wealth comes after marriage. Spouse could be in the field of medicine and surgery. The creativity and spiritual belief of the native increases when they have a fight in relationship. They can be in brand management, product development or filmmaking.

Moon in fourth house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in Aries in fourth house of Capricorn ascendant shows that the native moves fast. Mother of the native can cook snacks fast. The biggest motivation of the native can be mother but argument with other can also make them feel mother can be restricted motivator. Mother will the controller of home.

The native loves sports car and want to be in executive position even with a less paycheck. But the native will have problem with bosses. They are good at defeating enemies and taking care of debt. The native takes decision very quickly. Health issues doesn’t bother them much. Moon in fourth house in Aries can also give quick pregnancy. Mother can have twin sibling or mother can give birth to twins.

Moon in fifth house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon in Taurus in fifth house of Capricorn ascendant shows one can attain promotion or high accolades especially after the age of 43. One will have less support of elder siblings or large organization. They can also have enemies in large organization. Rivalry is vommon with this position. Spouse will gain fame once the native attains the age of 46.

One becomes good at speculative gains and loves to learn about medicine, environment or can be in profession of education. They are extremely creative. At the same time, they are good at dealing with money. They are very sweet and polite in communication. They will always get help from female personality. One may have some karma while dealing with elder siblings, large organization or may face a lot of rivals in life. One should keep their vehicle clean to avoid dominating people or for better married life.

Moon in sixth house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Gemini in sixth house for Capricorn ascendant shows the native and spouse loves to talk about health. There can be arguments in marriage. They can also be in the field of communication in profession especially marketing, journalism etc. Mother can be good at business but mother can fight with the siblings of the native. The issue of marriage of the native can be triggered or solved by mother. One can have multiple relationship before marriage. At the same time, they can be very romantic.

Moon in seventh house for Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Cancer in seventh house for Capricorn ascendant shows the native loves to become famous. The spouse will be feminine in nature. Man with this position of moon will be attracted to older woman. Real estates and land can be gained by native after marriage. The native excels in foreign land.

They will be emotionally attached to their spouse and divorce can be difficult with this position. The native is interested in singing and writing. At the same time, they are interested in listening to their partners. Waning moon can give rise to obsession in marriage relationship within native. The native will seek attention in marriage.

Moon in eighth/8th house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Leo in eighth house for Capricorn ascendant. They are extremely sexual in private environment. They love to associate themselves with secret group or association.At the same time, they have great interest in performing rituals. They love secret gathering and their intuitive power increases after marriage. They remain uninterested in speaking about wealth and showing wealth. The position of moon also indicates turbulent relationship with elder siblings if any and problem in early childhood. They are very private about their achievements. Tremendous gain after birth of children can be expected.

Moon in ninth/9th house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Virgo in ninth house for Capricorn ascendant.The native is always worried about health of father and also want to know the emotional state of father. They love to learn about marketplace and becomes good in dealing with money as well as investments. Mother can be a teacher or may be involved with rituals and spirituality.

The position of moon also shows great emotional connection with sister or brother in law. Spouse can understand emotions of inlaws and can give emotional support to others. The spouse will also have a good relationship with father in law. Children of the native can be a huge blessings for him. The native would be emotionally drawn to higher education.

The native also loves to perform religious activities. They need to travel to meet their spouse and sometimes the travel may delay. When the native meets the spouse, they would meet near a girls school or medical facility which is visible from the place they met. Or there can also be a display board showing pharmaceutical ad.

Moon in tenth/10th house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Libra in tenth house for Capricorn ascendant shows that they are interested in business. However they always try to balance their professional as well as personal life. Peace of mind is attained only when they have peace at workplace and married life. They will be greatly interested in contracts and agreements.

This position of moon also makes one extremely creative. They can be good filmmakers or photographer or can have good manager skills. Their career flourishes after marriage. After marriage they want to start their own venture leaving corporate field. At the same time, they feel hard to deal with responsibilities of home. Disputes and fights in family matter and family wealth can also be observed with this position of moon. They love to work around people in professional life but are extremely independent.

Moon in 11th house/ eleventh house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Scorpio in eleventh house for Capricorn ascendant shows that spouse of the native will be strict in setting rules and regulation of the house. Till the age of 32, native can attract people with substance and alcohol. The native can also seduce someone. The native loves to deal with finances and will attract spouse who is finance and money oriented. However, gambling can cause trouble for the native.

The native can also experience spirituality and mystical experiences through marriage. They can met yogis and spiritual gurus after marriage. Whenever there are plumbing or water issues at home, the native gets dating opportunities. Depending on aspect of other planets on moon, plumbing issue can also cause problem in relationship. They may not be best parents in raising their children. However, this position of moon will definitely gives wealth.

Moon in 12th house/ twelfth house of Capricorn ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius in twelfth house for Capricorn ascendant. The native will travel to a foreign place to meet their spouse. During the first meet, there will be a religious or philosophical book present infront of them. There can also be a discussion of philosophy or vegetarian food can be on the table. The native marries one based on his/her spiritual beliefs.

Spouse can have interest in strategic management, research, teaching, counseling etc. The native become very inutitive and can accomplish great things after marriage which help in their spiritual progress.

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