Moon through houses for Scorpio ascendant

Moon is a very soft but illuminating planet in astrology. Based on the birth of the individual, there can be waning and waxing moon in the horoscope. Waxing moon is generally stronger than waning moon. And waning moon is also mildly malefic in astrology. We can consider an example- both waxing and waning moon can give fame when moon is in 10th house but waning moon can give some blemishes along with fame. Here we will describe moon through houses for Scorpio ascendant.

Moon in first house/ 1st house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Scorpio in first house of Scorpio ascendant. One can go through major transformation and they can be abandoned by father. The native can do a lot of research. One can suddenly rise in life and can also be seduced by others. One can have multiple affairs. On the contrary, this also shows celibacy. One can gain unaccounted or hidden wealth. Leaky taps at home or plumbing issue should be repaired. They have good intuitive power. Spouse can be in field of medicine or healthcare.

Moon in second house/ 2nd house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius in second house of Scorpio ascendant. The native gains money from distant land. Gain of money only after achieving higher education. Father can be priestly but the native can develop skills from father. After age of 33, one gain great luck in earning. The native become strategic in spending money. On the contrary, the native can have acidity issues. One can have issues with in laws and there can also be issues in dealing with joint assets.

Death of father can bring wealth. The moon can help one in publishing and writing. One loves to be near water. They can also invite philosophers and astrologers at home. They are generally vegans and have a subtle way of communication. One can attract sneaky people in terms of mentors. On the contrary, they can have certain religious beliefs and can go through major transformation in religious beliefs at one point of life. Spouse will control the bank account of the native

Moon in third house/ 3rd house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Capricorn in third house of Scorpio ascendant. One will travel when reputations of father rises. Lots of hindrance with communication and there can be disagreement with colleagues and neighbours. They are interested in music. They love to travel in desert areas and their luck rises. At the same time, they can also travel with their younger siblings. It is necessary for them to maintain cordial relations with younger sibling and it can also help them in their career to maintain peace.

Father would be in railways or deal with transportation machineries. The native can attain higher education outside democratic area. Spouse of the native brings luck after marriage and the native can gain real estate after marriage. On the contrary, the native can sacrifice something for father.

Moon in fourth house/ 4th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Aquarius in fourth house of Scorpio ascendant. There is always some issues that one has to deal with parents and there can also be an argument with elder siblings. The native can bring embarrassment to family. After death of father, one can earn hidden wealth. Health of mother helps to gain recognition and achievement for the native. Mother can be in medical or police profession. After marriage of the native, the parents can have legendary. Father can injure his right knee when the native travels to a foreign place. One can be very eccentric and can be rebellious against social reforms. Psychology issues can also be there if malefic impacts moon. Foreign opportunities through educational purpose can also be seen.

Moon in fifth house/ 5th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Pisces in fifth house of Scorpio ascendant. One will have great influence of father and one of the ancestors can be born as as the child of the native. The native shows interest in poetry and they are overly protective of children. The native can have confusion regarding education at early stage of life but finally they can decide. After birth of first and third child, one can attain higher education of divinity or can travel to pilgrimage. Sometimes, smoking can be their addiction. After birth of first child, father can injure his feet. The native can always be indecisive regarding few things and creativity and nature can resolves the issue.

Moon in sixth house/ 6th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Aries in sixth house of Scorpio ascendant. The native may need to give some debt to father. The native can have rise in luck after the age of 30 and may also needs to travel to distant land. Pilgrimage to distant land like visiting temples of hanuman, Narasimha can give rise in luck. They need competition to succeed in life. They can be an athlete if Moon conjuncts with moon and mercury. A large organisation can impact the native and the native can also have health issues or cuts or bruises. Health issues can also bring transformation in the life of native. They can have certain daily regime.

Moon in seventh house/ 7th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Taurus in seventh house of Scorpio ascendant. One can capture others attention and can be very political. They can get married at early stage of life if there are benefic aspect on moon. Rise of luck after marriage and father can get perfect spouse for the native. The spouse can have magnetic personality. On the contrary, after marriage, the native can have few addiction issues. Rahu with moon in seventh house shows the native can go for blind dates. They can be excellent at negotiation and partnership with father will work for them in business.

Moon in eighth house/ 7th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Gemini in eighth house of Scorpio ascendant. The native will attain higher knowledge on religion and philosophy but secretly. After death of father, the native will find interest in Tantra, hidden knowledge. At the age of 8 of the native, father would have burnt his hand while travelling to a far distant place. The native shows interest in information which is dealing with emergency. Sudden transformative information can be seen in workspace. At the age of 21 or 24, one can have major religious transformation. Father can also involve in some research. The native also loves to hack and investigate things.

The native shows interest in computer language and one can also have negative attitudes.

Moon in ninth house/ 9th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Cancer in ninth house of Scorpio ascendant. Father will be moody but lover of food especially milk products. Emotional bonds with other people will develop through father, teacher, counsel or or advisors. One can be protective about belief system. The native can be engrossed in rituals, mysticism and hidden knowledge. The native can also have issues with communication, younger siblings, there can also be depression and anxiety for social media. Neighbor on right side of home can impact you. After age of 33, prosperity happens for individual. After 33, one will show interest on chemical or essential oils or herbs. Mother can travel to many pilgrimage and giving gift to mother can show rise of luck. Gifting pearls to mother can also help in rise in luck. The native can try cuisines of different region.

Moon in tenth house/ 10th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Leo in tenth house of Scorpio ascendant. An individual will strive to be in higher position. Their mind is connected with authoritative position and love to be praised by their bosses. They can attract people in workplaces and can travel at the age of 22, 25. They gather authority only after travelling. There can also be scary experiences like sleep paralysis during travelling. Recognition can be achieved in faraway places and always loves to stay away from home.

Moon in eleventh house/ 11th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Virgo in 11th house of Scorpio ascendant.They can attain higher education and gains from higher education. Life of father is connected to his younger sibling. They want to learn about zoology, planets and animals etc. One will gain by travelling to far away places. Father of the native and native himself loves speculative gains. The native finds fame through guru. It is a good position of moon but we need to see the conjunction and aspects etc.

Moon in twelfth house/ 12th house of Scorpio ascendant

Moon is in the sign of Libra in 12th house of Scorpio ascendant. Relationship becomes important for the native. Father can travel to foreign places and the native can get sound sleep. Usually, the native becomes creative and entrepreneur in foreign places. Their creativity blossoms at foreign places. One can be a great martial artist or athlete. Relationship with maternal siblings can suffer. The drawbacks of the moon is in business partnerships , relationship or marriage, one can take heavy debts.

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