How to read a navamsa Chart

how to read a navamsa chart

Navamsa Chart:

Navamsa chart is one of the most important divisional chart. As we have three dharma houses which is 1st, 5th and 9th, Navamsa is the divisional chart of 9th house of religion and fortune. Navamsa chart shows the righteous life path a individual should follow in life. It also shows a person’s action or responsibility towards others.

Why Navamsa is important?

Ninth house is the purpose of life and your righteous path to follow the higher goals of universe. Navamsa is the fruits we reap and birth chart is the tree that gives the fruit. So placement of planets in birth chart and navamsa helps to know the dignity of the planet. When a planet is in good dignity in birth chart and bad dignity in navamsa shows the starting of the dasha may be good but in later phase of dasha you may end up in trouble.

Navamsa reveals the subconscious behavior/personality of the native. After 30 a person becomes more of navamsa chart than birth chart to fulfill their purpose of life. Though many astrologers focus on Navamsa chart is the chart of married life and fortune/wealth you gain after marriage. It shows your career after marriage.

But what about a person not getting married? Would Navamsa is of no value to the person? Of course it has its own values. Navamsa chart is the division of the ninth house. Even if he is not married, he would have some purpose to serve in this world. Navamsa would display the purpose of his/her life.

Basic steps to interpret Navamsa chart:

  1. See the placement of atmakaraka in D9 chart.
  2. See the ninth house and condition of lord if its in friendly, enemy sign. It shows the luck they are bringing in marriage.
  3. In d9 chart the soul of D9 is Venus because it represents marriage. So check the position of Venus.
  4. Check the position of amatyakaraka which can represent career after marriage. If amatya karak is helping atmakarka in marriage to serve the purpose after marriage.
  5. Then you look at other planets.
  6. If a planet is debilitated in birth chart and exalted in d9 shows it will give good result during the end of the dasha. In the beginning there may be some struggle but later the dasha gives good result.

Here I would like to add more details into it once you interpret the basic of Navamsa.

Every Divisional chart should be read as an independent chart. The D9 chart shows the purpose of life of an individual and how his life will be in the later part of life. So generally navamsa chart is the chart for marriage. Navamsa chart shows married life. So when you analyse the chart, every house in d9 chart will be related to marriage. The second house of D9 shows wealth after marriage, the third house shows effort and communication after marriage, the fourth house shows comfort or peace after marriage, the fifth house shows romance in marriage. Similarly you can also check the life path, an individual follows in later part of life and how the journey of the life path will be.

In D9 , check the following points mentioned below:

Ascendant and position of Ascendant lord:

First check the ascendant sign, the sign will speak a lot about how the marriage life of a person will be. So first thing is to check the sign. For example if it is a Libra sign ascendant, the person will always try to balance relationship, he will love to deal with other people.

Then check the ascendant lord of the sign. So for example, Venus is in 4th house in navamsa for Libra ascendant in the sign of Capricorn, it can show the peace of mind comes by solving the responsibilities and duties of the family. You also need to keep in mind that venus is the atmakaraka of D9 navamsa, so placement of Venus in a comfortable house like 4th house is good for married life.

9th house and 9th house lord:

9th house is one of the dharma house, so position of lord of 9th house is important. If malefic planets are placed in 9th house like Mars with moon it may show the person may have a strong belief system that can create problem in marriage as too much of anything is not good.

7th house lord and 7th house:

D9 is for marriage purpose but 7th house in birth chart should also be seen. Placement of Jupiter in 7th house indicates blissful married life but it also depend on the strength of Jupiter. Seventh house and fifth house plays an important role in Navamsa. Check the nakshatra lord of seventh house lord in birth chart and then go to navamsa.

Check the position of the nakshatra lord in navamsa. If the nakshatra lord is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th or 11th house shows that one will have a good marriage. However, if the sign is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house shows that one will have a karmic connection or past life connection in marriage. If the nakshatra lord is placed in any of those dustana houses then it shows that the couple has to work hard to find happiness in marriage.

For example: If your seventh house lord is Sun in birth chart and Sun is placed in Sagittarius in moola nakshatra in birth chart. Moola nakshatra lord is Ketu. If Ketu is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house in navamsa, one will have a karmic connection in marriage and they have to find happiness in marriage. However, involvement of Rahu or Ketu will not impact the longevity of marriage. There can be up and down in married life. However strong planets like Sun can impact the longevity of marriage.

At the same time, one must check the sign or rashi where the nakshatra lord is placed. If it is in friendly position than there can be struggle in marriage but marriage will sustain. However, position of Mars in Navamsa also matters.


Venus is the karaka of D9 chart just like Sun , the karaka in D1 chart. So before checking atmakaraka and amatyakarak, check position of Venus.

Atmakaraka and amatyakaraka:

Atmakaraka is the planet with highest degree. It shows what your soul wants. Amatyakaraka is the planet with second highest degree. Amatyakaraka will show the path you will take to achieve the goal. You can also start counting from atmakaraka and analyse the result of navamsa.


Darakaraka is the planet with lowest degree in birth chart. The position of Darakaraka would indicate how the spouse would be.

If atmakaraka and darakaraka are in conjunction in Navamsa chart shows that the husband and wife will share equal responsibilities. However, if the atmakaraka is at higher degree than darakaraka in conjunction, shows that individual will share more responsibilities than spouse nand vice versa.

Basic interpretation of birth chart

Is it really necessary to read Navamsa always?

An expert astrologer would not even look at navamsa. D1 chart is the basis of all divisional chart. So without D1 chart, there is no divisional chart. Navamsa is a sort of baby step for most of the astrologer because when an astrologer looks at navamsa the calculation or analysis of chart becomes much easier. It is a confirmation of the analysis of birth chart. There will always be connection of birth chart with navamsa. What is displayed in birth chart would be displayed in navamsa. When a D1chart or birth chart is read minutely with nakshatras and padas , the same thing will be displayed in navamsa.

If navamsa chart gets activated after 30, what if a person serves his/her life purpose before 30?

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