Rahu-venus, venus-rahu dasha

Rahu-Venus, Venus-Rahu dasha- Fame and destiny
Fame and destiny

As per Mr. K.N.Rao, the famous astrologer and guru of astrologers, Rahu- venus, venus-rahu dasha is known as yogaj combination. Yogaj is a term used by K.N. rao for Mahadasha/Antardasha period that can bring independent result irrespective of house lordship, placement and association of other grahas. This period can bring fateful love affairs that can often lead to marriage. As per K.N. Rao, it is also the time when some significant could happen in regard to the person’s destiny that can be an eye opener or remarkable moment in person’s life . It can be a particular tragic event or defining moment in their life. If we look at the history, some of the instances when celebrities became famous while undergoing through rahu Venus or venus rahu dasha are:

  1. The first counsel of France, Napolean Bonaparte , achieved the position during the dasha.
  2. Legendary CEO, Jeck Welch , got his fame during the dasha.
  3. Eddie Fisher became hugely popular singer in 1950 in U.S.

Why Rahu-venus, venus-Rahu can bring such significant change in human life?

“Bhoga ” means enjoyment of worldly things. If a person has worldly aims and desires than s/he is termed as “bhogi”. Rahu is a demon, it is the insatiable desire and obsession one can have towards materialistic things. Venus is also passion, desires and fulfillment of hopes and desires. So Rahu and Venus both are “bhoga” planets. A person’s ambition is based on his/her worldly desires because when a person is ambitious s/he thinks, acts and then work on it to create their karmas and ambitions of life. Each and every soul needs to complete a precise journey to achieve their desires of life.They may need to take many births for fulfillment of those desires.

As both rahu and Venus are bhoga planet, they represents fulfillment of hopes and wishes of worldly desires of certain people.

Rahu Venus conjunction in astrology

Why it is not applicable always?

Rahu-Venus/ Venus-Rahu period can bring significant love affairs in a person’s life. And why this period is not fateful or distinguishing for everyone? The result is quite complex and complicated. It depends on the various karmas of many lives and circumstances each individual had gone through.

The period make significant changes in human life only when there is a potential karma.

Fame and destiny:

Worldwide fame is the prarabdha karma of a person. But to get fame, reputation and to be a worldwide major player, the person needs to have the static potential for such notable fates. Such people have extremely good yogas in their birth chart and divisional chart. They accumulated their thoughts and actions of achieving fame in the world through various incarnations.

It is also found that many people desire to become famous but they don’t actually achieve it. Becoming famous is fundamental nature of human beings because as per psychology every human being suffers from certain “inferiority complex” in life that make them think that if they are famous, they can utilize their power and people will listen to them. But only few in this world are born with the innate qualities of achieving fame.

Does fame make every individual happy?

If you look precisely, all famous people did not become happy after achieving huge fame in life. Many times, people were not able to handle their fame that lead to their own self destruction. Their life was doomed and they got bad reputations from public.

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