Saturn aspects Moon in astrology

Saturn represents Longevity, Sorrow, Misery, delay, obstacles, career, routine jobs, justice, law and order, teeth, Nerves, livelihood, karma , elders, servants, paternal uncle,service, learning language, inheritance, mineral, oil, things buried underground, black, dark, fear, anxiety.
Moon represents emotions, heart, blood, mother, home, happiness, mind, subconscious mind.
As moon is a receptive planet, Saturn gives a lot of reality and struggle to mother. The mother also puts discipline and structure in the mind of the children. The mother is very reserved and conserved, strict and disciplined. The person will be fearful of public speaking. It shows the person may lack imagination as saturn restricts or put limitations in mind. Saturn always make the mind to face the reality of life. Sometimes the person show lack of emotions.

They will have orthodox thinking and will stick to their beliefs. Saturn moon aspect also shows that the person felt a sense of responsibility at a very early stage. Depression, fear and anxiety are common in this conjunction. Saturn though malefic is not a planet to hold you back if you keep on doing your Karmas. It shows that the person will start thinking limitless after the age of 35. He will be quite strong after mid 30 as his perspective in life will be quite strong.
This conjunction becomes weak when moon is exalted in any of the houses aspecting saturn except dustana houses.

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