Saturn in different houses of Navamsa

Saturn is anxiety, delay, obstruction, limitations, restrictions, bones, teeth, nails, death, diseases, sorrow, misery. Saturn is any father figure or boss at workplace. Here is the below detailed analysis of Saturn in different houses of Navamsa in vedic astrology.

Saturn rules Capricorn and its mooltrikona sign is Aquarius. It is exalted in Libra. Saturn represents duty, commitment, sacrifice, structure. Saturn are the challenges we face in life.

The planet is the indicator of hard work, organization, discipline and perseverance. Wherever saturn is placed , people related to the house gives step treatment.

Saturn in first/1st house of Navamsa chart

The person can feel that it is their responsibility to get married or they may stay away from marriage. They can get married early but they understand marriage and relationships in later part of life.

They may feel rejected and abandoned in marriage and can be focused on their career and look for authoritative career.

Saturn in second/2nd house of Navamsa chart

The native may earn a lot but they lead a very simple life. They do not like to show off their wealth and like to dedicate themselves in service. They may have a distant relationship with mother and can have a conservative home and their spouse will be long lived.

At the same time, they can feel burdened due to responsibilities of home and earning money. It also shows sin committed in past life on in laws and they need to pay a debt on this life. So, there can be certain ups and downs in relationship with in laws .

However, Saturn in second house can give a

very stable career in higher position. The native may not believe in astrology. There can be steady increase in wealth.

Saturn in third house of Navamsa

It shows one needs to put a lot of effort in marriage. They need to sacrifice their ego and freedom in marriage and they reap the efforts of marriage generally after 40. Romance and communication takes a back seat in marriage.

Marriage can also be full of responsibilities. It also shows restricted travel and unromantic attitude in marriage. They may lack wisdom in second half of life.

But at the same time, they have great ability to save money. They can get good gain from elder brother, acquaintance and can have a leadership position in large organizations.

Saturn in fourth/4th house of Navamsa

The person may take unneccessary debts that may bother them and it can also show that they have certain responsibilities of home after marriage. They can also move to foreign places or distant land especially after 36.

They can also attain a long term property and have dark color vehicles. The position also shows devotion towards Shiva or Saraswati. Mother can have a lot of burden and responsibilities. The native can also have restricted relationships with mother.

Saturn in fifth/5th house of Navamsa

Romance may take a backseat and the native may need to bear the responsibilities of marriage. The native may lack intellect in marriage and can also be slow to react to situations in marriage.

As Saturn represents servants as well as hands, any injury in the hand of your servants can lead to problems in marriage. Spouse may be slowed down with age or may have issue with knee or ankle.

They can also limp a bit.

On the other hand, health of the native will improve and can find recognition in politics. They can also be in leadership roles and can attain real estate property. They can be interested in sociology, geography, history and mechanical engineering.

On the contrary, they can also be frugal and very strategic in speculative gains.

Saturn in sixth/6th house of Navamsa

Saturn in friendly and own sign can help one to get rid of disputes, diseases and enemies in second half of life. Third aspect of Saturn on eighth house shows that there can be issue with in laws.

The native may also face difficulty in getting divorce. Saturn in sixth house can also give prolonged illness.

Saturn in seventh/7th house of Navamsa chart

Late marriage is very likely in this position. But a retrograde Saturn can give marriage at time. Their spouse can be older and mature than him. Romance takes a backseat and duties or responsibilities becomes important in life.

In friendly sign like Taurus, Libra, Capricorn , they can have a balanced relationship and they are very disciplined in their work. Saturn get directional strength in seventh house and the native obeys the principle and values of father.

It is difficult to get divorce when Saturn is in seventh house unless Mars aspects the same. Saturn in Scorpio can give fear in marriage and a debilitated Saturn can make one lazy or they can self harm themselves. They have a disciplined home environment and mother.

It is also a good position for career.

Saturn in eighth house of Navamsa

This is a good position for accumulation of wealth after 35. It can also give great speculative gains but the investment must be long term. It can also give high political ambitions.

This placement can give certain trouble in marriage like bankruptcy, fist fights with others etc depending on the sign in which Saturn is placed and there can also be delay in joint asset .

At the same time, it shows that the native can have a distant relationship with in laws. The spouse will have a long life . After marriage, one can stand against family for their spouse .

If Saturn is in friendly, neutral or own sign, the family of the spouse can be in good government position but if in enemy sign than there can be financial issues or health problem in the family of in laws.

Saturn in enemy sign can also give relationship problem with in laws. There can be a fight with bosses or authority due to which the native may need to walk out of job.

It It can give excellent or worst experience with astrologers. It can also give excellent astrological skills.

Saturn in ninth house of Navamsa

Saturn in ninth house of navamsa can delay marriage and fortune. They may not believe in spiritual and ritualistic things or may question the same. It can also give karmic relationship with large organization or their father.

On the other hand, this position of Saturn can also give right direction in making good investment. They love to bring romantic relationship with spouse and sacrifice themselves to children.

The native may show great interest in hidden knowledge or attaining luck from hidden information.

Saturn in tenth house of Navamsa

Duties, responsibilities and sacrifice becomes part of marriage and romance takes a backseat. One has to work to stabilize the marriage. It also shows huge interest of the native in serving the society.

In work field they can be micro managed or may have a very hard boss. People may perceive them either as hardworking or extremely rebellious. They can be very good worker and can give in service industry.

After 36, they may get a mentor in work field who can guide them in their career. They hate debts but people with this placement must give donations.

Saturn in eleventh house of Navamsa

They have limited friend circle. Too much help cannot be expected from friends. They have a very formal relationships with elder siblings. They may not have great income in speculative gains. But Saturn gives a strong and stable marriage.

Saturn in twelfth house of Navamsa

It shows there can be a big fight with family after marriage. The native can also become stingy in his/her expenses. Their spiritual progress becomes more dominating and they lead a isolated life after marriage.

At the same time, the person can also be manipulative as well as diplomatic after marriage. It is a tricky position of Saturn.

The person can have a good reputation with in laws. It also shows sleep gets disturbed when Saturn is in 12th house. The only way to get rid of sleepless night is to clear the debts and treat your servants well.

It also helps to get a property.

Remedy: If your Saturn is bad, keep the west side of the house free from clutter. No red or green curtains or walls should be there.

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