In vedic astrology capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign that indicates career, fame, law and order, authority, organisation. Capricorn is ruled by saturn. Saturn is law, order fear and anxiety.

Sun in Capricorn

These people are fearful of law and order, so they always abide by the rules, they are disciplined and organised too. Due to fear and anxiety they are scared to take decisions or risks related to career. They also suffer from stage phobia till 30. Sun in the sign of saturn creates fear in their personality. But after mid 30 when saturn Starts releasing the native, then he slowly develops his self confidence and true potential regarding career. If saturn is strong the person starts achieving success after mid 30, with weak saturn there may be issues related to career. The native can be in service related industry. As Sun represents father, you or your father can be in fields related to government, law, court, army. It also shows father is disciplined too and he teaches the children about law and order.

Placement of saturn plays a major role in analysing the results of sun. If saturn is exalted or on its own sign, the person becomes confident by overcoming fear and anxiety The nakshatras play vital role too. Sun in uttarasada nakshatra is ruled by saturn and so saturn position will impact the result of sun. Sun in uttarasada nakshatra is in its own sign. Sun in sravana nakshatra will be influenced by the position of moon.

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