Sun in Leo in vedic astrology

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign and represents creativity, stage performance, education, arts, hobbies, speculative business. The ruler of Leo is Sun. The nakshatra controlling sun are magha, purvaphalguni, uttarphalguni. One thing to be noted about Leo is whichever planet is placed in Leo it wants to feel comfortable, royal and admired.

The Lord of Leo is Sun and Sun in its own sign is powerful. The person will be creative, independent and confident. They are very comfortable with themselves and they know what they should do in life. As they are independent and have leadership qualities, sometimes they are egoistic and overconfident too. They feel themselves like King and loves to be treated in a royal way. They do not like taking orders of people. Even in career, they love to lead without interrupted by others. It is one of the good position for entrepreneurship as creativity and arts comes in natural ways.

As Sun represents father, it shows father also have similar characteristics.
The nakshatra will also impact the qualities of sun. Sun in magha nakshatra will be influenced by ketu position. Sun in purva phalguni nakshatra will be influenced by the position of Venus. Sun in uttarphalguni nakshatra is controlled by sun itself. So uttarphalguni is one of the best nakshatra for sun.

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