Sun ketu conjunction through houses in astrology

Sun represents our ego,confidence, soul, father, fatherly figures, government, authority, politics, creativity,leadership, heart, vital life force, Recognition, fame power, favor from government, success,prestige, enthusiasm,brilliance, royalty, name, fame, bones, souls, health. Here is the detailed analysis of conjunction of Sun with different planets in Vedic astrology. Here I will discuss sun ketu conjunction through houses in vedic astrology.

Sun Ketu conjunction

As ketu gives best result in Pisces and Sagittarius, this conjunction in 10th house or 12th house can help a person to seek spiritual endeavor or be a mystic/seeker .As ketu is the significator of 8th house the person will be good in astrology and tarot reading. Sun ketu conjunction in 7th and 8th house is detrimental for marriage. When ketu is well placed it gives a person interest in research, psychic abilities and intuitions.S/he may lack clarity about his career, self worth and self esteem. The conjunction makes a person shy and introvert.

Ketu removes its eclipse from the sun within age of 35-42. Then slowly the person starts gaining confidence. if Sun is not well placed it can lead to defamation by higher authority and government. The person needs to give a lot of effort for success and they receive less appreciation for their work.

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They may also have delay in their career. In wealth houses it will earn wealth but it may get spent. When Sun is exalted in Aries than the malefic effect of ketu decreases.

Sun ketu conjunction in first house

The individual can have beard. With woman one can have lot of hair in the upper part of lips or surrounding lips. They are not afraid of insulting spouse family. They can have an attitude of dictatorship. Depending on sign, they can be extremely humble. At the same time they can be rejected at one point in romantic life. They can also deal with migraine.

Either the individual or father of the individual can play some pranks with others. The individual may love to educate themselves regarding something related to maternal grandfather. Father can be extremely spiritual after birth of individual. Spouse can be completely opposite of individual due to which there can be arguments in married life. Ego clashes in marriage is common with this conjunction.

Sun ketu conjunction in second house

There can be division of family asset especially after death of father or maternal grandfather. One can be an extremely miser and realistic in spending money. The only item they can purchase are things related to spiritual item or want to buy gold. They can have rosary beads. One will love to have slow moving life due to which they ll succeed in career. Speech of the native can have a strong voice and they can face abuse from father in childhood. With this conjunction, one can also travel to a foreign land

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Sun ketu conjunction in third house

It can bring karma related to younger sibling and one can be forced to choose between father and younger sibling especially if the conjunction is in barren sign. One can also enter into fight with neighbor especially when they get recognition in professional field. They can also get a small burn in hand. If the incident happens within 9 to 12 days, one can become physically active like going to gym.

Communication becomes harsh with this conjunction in third house. Saturn ketu in third house shows one can curse a lot. Birth of child shows father can travel to some far distant place. The conjunction can effect education of individual if there is a fight with father. Birth of younger sibling can tone down the ego of the individual.

Sun ketu conjunction in fourth house

Sun ketu conjunction in fourth house shows that major transformation in home. There can be division of property due to certain fight. They can have arguments at home and one can also move away from homeland. A north east or east direction home can make one interested in politics. At the same time, one can have psychological issues in life due to one of the parent.

It also shows one should pay attention to tenth house of career and it can also lead to embarrassment in professional life. At least once,one can be cheated by boss in professional life. Success starts late especially after age of 32, one will rise in life. Make sure that sun rays enters in your meditating or prayer room with this position.

Sun ketu conjunction in fifth house

They can be extremely humble and intelligent. Even if they are cur throat, they can be great teacher. They can be good engineers in technical field. Sun in fifth house can give delayed child birth but once the child is born, one will get recognition and fame. Child can carry on the lineage. The child can be interested in health, medicine, surgery. At the same time, one can loose their temper in marriage.

Sun ketu conjunction in sixth house

The individual will embarass father at one point of life. The individual will have cut throat competition with competitors in any field whether education, sports. They can be very humble and tone down and they will compete only through their work. One will become very critical of bosses, authorities and managers. They can also be embarrassed in front of colleague. At the same time, they can be very critical about debts.

Sun ketu conjunction in seventh house

It shows delayed marriage is good for the individual. There can be criticism in married relationship. However, marriage will make the individual humble. Father can interrupt in married relationship of the individual due to which there can be fight and arguments with father. However in relationship the individual can loose their individuality like they forget their goals. The individual can also suffer from anger issues but at the same time, one can be involved in spirituality. Father can be enterpreneur, business person. If the conjunction is in Libra sign, Father can be a driver.

Sun ketu conjunction in eighth house

Sun ketu conjunction in eighth house shows one will have great interest in investigation and research. They can lost self confidence and self esteem due to father or authoritative figure. One can also loose ancestral wealth depending on the sign. There can also be an ego battle with spouse family. They can be very eccentric personality in public places. In past life they can be rejected multiple times in terms of money and loans.

Sun ketu conjunction in ninth house

Ninth house is the house of ancestors, spirituality etc. It shows that father can be very strict towards the individual. However Sun ketu conjunction shows some past life debt related to father. One can also stay away from father. Father can be in spiritual rituals or religious activities. It also shows one may need a guru or teacher. Though they can be highly qualified in education but they always seek for a spiritual guru. At the same time, one can be extremely humble with age. Father can have a surgery in thigh or buttock area.

Sun ketu conjunction in tenth house

As ketu represents past life, repeatative work etc while sun represents government, authority etc shows that one will be a humble leader after the age of 48. However, before the age of 48, one will have to deal with criticism, enemies etc. They can also face embarassing situation in workplace and may have to face defeat repeatedly. It shows that children of the individual will become more successful than the individual.

Sun ketu conjunction in eleventh house

They can be unpredictable with their network circle. Sometimes they can be extremely humble or sometimes too harsh. As eleventh house is the house of gains and network circle, sun can indicate very selected network circle of the individual. As sun is a hot planet, the network circle of the individual remains limited. Among the network circle, few may leave unpredictably while others can leave due to small fights and arguments. This will also make the individual heartbroken.

Ketu conjunction with sun shows unpredictable nature of the individual with network circle.At the same time, they love to keep track of information and numbers. They can be in field related to numbers, science or can be an engineer or an accountant.

However, they can be never happy with their achievements or success. They always seek higher position. They should not drive themselves emotionally while meeting their network circle. At the same time, they can be more practical in terms of that as people will come and leave. Very few will sustain with them with this conjunction

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