Sun Mars conjunction through houses in astrology

Sun mars conjunction creates a courageous and bold personality. They are determined, ambitious, strong and free spirit individuals. This conjunction also shows that the person have male friends who can be the son of a politician or celebrity.They have a strong willpower to achieve their goal. Competition and sports develop their ego and confidence . But if sun is too close to mars it will burn the good qualities of mars making the person timid and egoistic. Here I will discuss Sun Mars conjunction through houses in vedic astrology.

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As mars matures after the age of 28, it will give courage to the person after 28. If the conjunction takes place in 10th house professionally The person can be a police or commander in army or his father was in the Army. it also show soldiers or high profile in government jobs. This is an excellent conjunction for sports, martial arts or athletic field especially if this conjunction is in 5th house in a friendly sign or they are in their own sign.  They have a very confident approach towards their goal.They are courageous and face the challenges in life with boldness. 

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Sun Mars conjunction in 1st house/ first house

The individual will suffer from some health issues and may have anger issues that effect their head. They also get a burning pain in their head once they are angry. The position also shows one will suffer from some heaviness in their skull like migrain. The position also shows some issues in the eyes of the individual. There can be weakness issues in the eye.

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This position also shows lot of disagreement and disputes with parents, younger brother, spouse and family members. They will be competitive with younger brother. Bold and straightforward is the innate nature of the individual. They love to be a leader and focus on making images among surrounding people. They know how to motivate their team. At the same time, they can be fierce in workplace and also love to follow authorities and govt. If the conjunction is in female chart shows that one can give birth to a son.

The conjunction is more stable in earth sign than in any other sign. If the conjunction is in water sign shows that they may suffer emotionally. They can perform well and can be brilliant writer. At the same time, they will conquer land and real estate

Sun Mars conjunction in 2nd house/ second house

There can be ups and down in wealth. They always try to show their wealth. One will have a major fight with family for wealth or property as they are always conscious of their image in public. The individual may get a slap or hit at head in childhood while taking money from father. And the individual will be born to a political or family related to government.

The individual can be involved with stock market and sports betting. One can get money but at the same time, he may spend or loose the money due to position of Mars.

. If sun and Mars are in fire sign in second and fourth house shows that one will have major violence in family. Relationship with mother can be critical or mother can suffer from fever. However when Jupiter conjunct with sun and Mars, the family will be very political.

Sun Mars conjunction in third house/ 3rd house

One can have major dispute with younger sibling due to father. Father can give more importance to one child due towhich the fight will happen. There can be also disputes with father with this position. If Mars is combust with Sun in this house, there can be physical violence with father as well as neighbor. They can be good athlete and can be really good at technical education. When they talk in media, they can be very aggressive and strong headed but still they will gain love from people. The first child of the individual can be natural athletes.

At the same time, they want to be extremely independent in life and want to earn money themselves. Father can be great fighter or athlete especially if the conjunction is in Aries sign.

Sun Mars conjunction in fourth house/ 4th house

Fourth house shows home, real estate, mother etc. It also represents establishment of family. As sun is sattvic and Mars us tamasic shows that there will be duality in relationship with mother. The conjunction shows thar one will have arguments with mother or parents. While the individual wants his opinion to be accepted rather it can be attacked by mother. On the other hand if the conjunction is in friendly sign, one will love mother in such a way that they would do anything for mother. They are ready to sacrifice themselves for mother. They feel their confidence comes from mother. However due to heat of sun and mars, mother can get fever sometimes.

There can also be issues in marriage as the individual always tries to take control of marriage. However, the individual is extremely brave and courageous. They can also have major fight with elder siblings and one may not talk to elder siblings for eight years or eight days. They may not take the land of ancestors or parents rather they will buy their own land depending on the sign the conjunction is placed.

The conjunction in fourth house shows that they belonged to a royal lineage in past life. After the age of 28, one will see powerful people coming to their home. As sun and mars looses directional strength in fourth house, the career of the individual flourishes only after the age of 28. Before the age of 28, one will have enemies and the enemies will win over them but after 28, the individual will win over enemies. Their debt decreases after the age of 28. Rise of luck happens after the age of 28. As fourth house also shows education, one may go to the field of engineering. At the same time, one loves to work for people of the homeland. They can be in politics too.

They attain land or real estate through some sources of government. Or people working for government will help them attain land and property. They can gain fame and respect in foreign land.

Sun Mars conjunction in fifth house/ 5th house

Sun mars conjunction in fifth house shows that the individual is short tempered in personal or professional life. If the conjunction is in female chart in fifth house shows that child birth takes place through c section. If the conjunction is in male chart shows that he will be blessed by a baby boy. Birth of child give rise of luck to the career of the individual. Their hair line recedes after the birth of the individual.

However as sun is a hot planet sitting in fifth house along with Mars shows that the individual is very aggressive in love life. Their romantic life gets impacted due to their dominant nature. This conjunction can also impact the married life of the individual. They are not afraid to express their feeling in love life.

On the other hand, they always follow the dharma of their parents. They attain technical education in semi conductor field. At a early age they can learn mantras and generally they are good in education. They receive lot of recognition in professional field. Father can work in govt office or law or they can be interested in land or property. They are very good with sports if Mercury is in third house and the conjunction is in fifth house.

Sun Mars conjunction in sixth house/ 6th house

Sun and mars are fiery planet. As they arr malefic, they perform well in sixth house as sixth house is an upachya house and also the house of disease, debt, enemies. Sun mars conjunction in sixth house shows they are extremely competitive in personal and professional life. They love to work at a place where they get attention of people. They are very direct and straightforward in communication due to which they can easily create enemies.

The individual can accumulate wealth and can protect the family. However, the conjunction in sixth house shows that they can disconnect themselves from spouse family. If the conjunction is in fire sign like Aries. Leo, Sagittarius,they can fight for right of people.

At the same time, they have to face strong and powerful enemies. When mars transit over the conjunction, one can get burn and bruises.The individual also suffers from fever especially when Saturn aspect sixth house or transit over sixth house.

The conjunction shows that father or younger brother were enemies from past life of the individual and either the individual has to pay certain karma to them or vice versa. They can also fight with mentors or gurus. However they should be careful and avoid insulting any saintly person as this placement shows that in past life they may have insulted any wise or saintly person. In this life, they should avoid such conflict or they can face heavy karma in next life or in this life.

Sun Mars conjunction in seventh house/ 7th house

Sun mars conjunction in seventh house showd that the spouse of the individual can be very masculine irrespective of it is a male or female chart. The spouse of the individual will be extremely dominating in married life. They can either get opposition or support from other people depending on the sign the conjunction is placed. At the same time, they may loose respect due to spouse.

Father may not be happy with the marriage of the individual. However one can become excellent communicator. One will get promotion through communication but they may not be able to handle their bosses. At the same time, they can always go against the govt.

The individual will be very close to mother. One can be hurt in romantic relationship or marriage before the age of 28. After 28, one will be matured and relationship will sustain.

Sun Mars conjunction in eighth house/ 8th house

One will have wealth but it can be unaccounted or hidden wealth. They can deal with cut, burn bruises etc. They can be great surgeon in medicine field. However, they can suffer from health related issues. Relationship with elder siblings can be difficult.

Major fight with spouse family due to joint asset can also be observed with this conjunction. They cannot get along with bosses and can play politics to get to the position of authority. Their reputation can be ruined due to some scandal. They can always go against the govt.

Their children will be strong and competitive. Confidence of the individual increases with birth of children. The individual will be dominating in romantic life. In terms of investment, they can have gold investment. and love to be a hidden leader.

Sun Mars conjunction in ninth house/ 9th house

Sun mars conjunction in ninth house shows that major fight with father due to younger sibling or land or property. The individual can be blamed for no reason at some instances. At one point in life, they will take some responsibility in religious organization. They can have great interest in laws, politics etc.

They have great valor and can achieve victory in life. After 28, they will clear the debt. Individual will not have good relationship with paternal grandmother. Relationship with elder siblings can suffer and elder siblings can be blamed by large organization. The children of the individual will be very powerful and will continue the lineage of the family.

At the same time, they can change their home frequently. Change of residence can give promotion to the individual.

Sun Mars conjunction in 10th house/ tenth house

Sun and Mars get directional strength in tenth house. The energy of Sun burns out the karma while Mars gives the energy to perform karma. They need independence in their work. This conjunction shows that younger sibling will flourish but flourishing will happen due to dispute or fight with father. There will be a transformation in the life of younger sibling after fight with father.

The individual will get great support of authorities and government depending on the sign of the conjunction. They hardly do anything for themselves rather they will sacrifice themselves for father or boss. The native will not be interested in foreign land but they flourish in foreign land if they reach foreign place. The spouse of the individual will be extremely powerful and may radiate power to the individual too. The position also shows that there will be conflicts with mother in law.

Mother in law will expect the individual to be extremely successful like their child. The position shows major positive transformation in the life of individual after birth of first child. In case you have any debilitated planet in this conjunction, one will have a lot of money and can lead life like a royal. The individual will work on technical field in career.

Sun Mars conjunction in 11th house/ eleventh house

The elder sibling of the individual can create interruption or the individual can face obstacles in attaining property. They can have hidden sources of attaining wealth. The first born child can get distinction or recognition by government. The conjunction shows they can be part of committe or can fight for some political cause. Female can have c section or can have long pregnancy.

The individual can be very active in sports and can make education fun. They can have fight with family for property or wealth. At the sametime, they can be prone to fever, cut burns etc. They can be very straight forward in communication. However, they can have enemies in workplace but can defeat their enemies. Debts gets resolved for the individual.

Sun Mars conjunction in 12th house/ twelfth house

The individual can have disturbed sleep or due to absence of father and younger sibling. They can establish themselves in life and can have tremendous ego. They do well in boxing and Marshall arts. Going to foreign land will bring them success. They can have opponents in homeland while they get help from foreign land.

At the same time, they can have some karma with younger sibling. Either younger sibling needs to pay the karma or vice versa. At the same time, they find victory in life when a mentor comes in their life. With this conjunction, education in foreign land can also be observed.

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