The real life of Aghoris

The life of aghoris is a mystery for many. Their unique way of leading life always seeks attention, many wants to know how they lead a life while many know them for eating dead flesh and alcohol. For many, they stay at crematorium but hardly few knows about the life of a Aghori. The life of aghori is a taboo in society.

I read a book of Aghori written by author Mayur Kalbag. The book unfolds experiences of the author and his stay as well as travel with the Aghoris. I was surprised to see how beautifully the aghoris lead their life. The author himself meet with the aghoris and he shared his experiences through the book. The book comprehends beautifully about their dedication and devotion to Lord Shiva.

The word aghori means one who removes the darkness. While we know that Aghoris eat only flesh but the book unfolds that they eat flower petals too. They eat the petals just like any other food. Their daily life is nothing but strenous discipline. From waking up as early as 2 AM to meditating for years, their life is indeed a mystery for common people like us. The book shows how they enjoy each and every meditation techniques. There are aghoris who are meditating for 5000 years while few awake from meditation once in a year. Their meditation techniques are extremely intimaditing but for the aghoris, their meditation are the best part of their life. When we read the book, we understand that their devotion to Shiva and spiritual progress are the core of their lives.

But have you ever thought that why aghoris choose the extreme path. Choosing the extreme path shows that they break the concept of clean and dirty, justified and unjustified, moral and immoral. Human race always tried to strike a line between moral and immoral but when one ask themselves that who are they, may be the line dissolves. For the aghoris, the universe is Shiva. And as theSanskrit spoke goes-

Yatha Brahmanda yatha pinda, Yatha pinda yatha Brahmanda

Meaning whatever is in the universe is within us and whatever within us is in the universe.

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