The subtle part of Astrology

Based on true event

My friend who is an astrology lover asked me many times about his marriage, business, job and life. When the golden period in his life will arrive so that life become picturesque perfect. When that time will arrive when he can earn enormous amount. He wanted to know when his investment will ripe and shower him with profit. He was so curious that he learned the astrology himself. In the process, he learned that he is not running through a good time.

In the meantime, he also took consultation from many astrologers and each provided him with different remedies. But still he felt something is missing. He again revised the chapters, he revisited, researched in the internet and again got convinced that his time is not great. So he came up with a solution. He sorted his life accordingly. He decided that he will work on his shortcomings when his good period will start. Nevertheless, he calculated that he should start his business after five years and now he will work on his 9 to 5 job. He is confident that once the good period will start, he will be flourished with prosperity.

My thoughts on astrology

I was a bit surprised when he shared his thoughts on astrology and how he calculated everything in life accordingly. I smiled myself and thought life would have been so simple. Also, I wished that with astrology we can predict each and every single incident of life in precise way. Is not life would be too perfect with such precise prediction?

Even if there is an astrologer who can give precise prediction and we depend on him for all our activities of life. Eventually, we stop struggling and approached towards each activities of life watching the time. Then what is the point of life?

When in astrology, we mention about good period, it never means that our daily struggle is over. We came to this world to fulfill and work on the karmas of our previous life, to transform us into better human. Good period may give less struggle but born as human, we must be ready to deal with difficulties in life.

When we learn astrology, we must remember that it is a prediction based on our karmas of previous life. The birth horoscope is the picture of all our previous karmas. The karmas can be of many lifetimes. It needs effort to wipe all the karmas in one life. We need to embark on the journey of spirituality and surrender everything to supreme in this lifetime without expecting the result of our effort in the path of spirituality.

The subtle part

Remember, astrology is predictable but at the same time it is unpredictable. The mantras we chant are countable but still they are uncountable. When we think that we chanted mantras for a year, it never means we really chanted it for a year. It means we tried to chant it for a year. When we say, we worked on the remedies, it means we tried to work on the remedies. If you want to know the reason, the reason is mind.

Similarly, when we say that good period, it means it is definitely a good period but with some shortcomings. When we predict as astrologer we learn to surrender all the good and bad of the horoscope to the Supreme. Because a good period never takes time to turn bad if our karmas are bad in this lifetime. So, as astrologer, it is important for us to remember that each and every single prediction is as per God’s wish. So prediction can be considered but at the same time it may not be considered.This is the subtle part of astrology.

Lastly, astrology is a never ending subject and no one can predict where it ends. So, we should lead a life where we consider astrology neither too lightly nor seriously. The middle path is the best path in astrology.

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