Venus in Scorpio in all houses in astrology

Venus is all about love and it also represents the highest manifestation of love also known as divine love. Venus is beauty, desire, love, liquid money. It is the indicator of marriage, relationship, wife and girlfriend for a man. Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign ruled by Mars and co ruled by ketu. It is the sign of occult science, sudden events, dark world, rebirth and death, transformation, research, inheritance, serving others, taxes. This is the sign where no planet is happy and no one can tell precisely the exact consequence of a planet in this sign. Scorpio comprises of two and half nakshatra- Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyestha. Here is the detailed analysis of Venus in Scorpio in different houses in vedic astrology.

Venus in Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign of sudden events and transformation. Venus in Scorpio can make one’s love life go through sudden changes and transformation. Their love life can be unstable. They are passionate lovers and extremely emotional .

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But Venus is not happy in Scorpio as love life is always unstable and unsettled. They love to know about occult, mysticism, other dimensions of the world, astrology, palmistry and numerology.

They can also have interest in occult and they may choose the occult career. Venus in Vishakha nakshatra would be impacted by position of Jupiter, in Anuradha nakshatra, Venus would be impacted by position of Saturn, in Jyestha nakshatra, Venus would be impacted by position Mercury.

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Lets see Venus in Scorpio in all houses

As 3rd,6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house, it improves with time.

Venus in Scorpio in first house / Venus in Scorpio in 1st house:

They have a pleasant personality and can gain good from foreign lands. They can also trade in female related product. Their love partner can be a foreigner but love life can go through a lot of turmoils.

Venus in Scorpio in second house / Venus in Scorpio in 2nd house:

They have a secret family environment and wealth may come through secret source. They can also have secret love affairs. Their family life can go through sudden transformations. They can inherit a huge amount of wealth.

Venus in Scorpio in third house / Venus in Scorpio in 3rd house:

They are interested in occult and mysticism, they have communication related to occult. they can be astrologer, occultist and love talking about these subjects to neighbors and siblings.

Venus in Scorpio in fourth house / Venus in Scorpio in 4th house:

They can be astrologer and working from home. They love to talk and counsel about transformation events of life and marriage.

Venus in Scorpio in fifth house / Venus in Scorpio in 5th house:

They are creative and can have problems in love life as there can be physical and emotional torture. They can also perform negative roles in media,arts and entertainment.

Venus in Scorpio in sixth house / Venus in Scorpio in 6th house:

Their love life can face conflicts and disputes and at the same time, they can run into disputes with loved ones. They can take debts/loans for education purpose. Their creative side comes out while they perform darker side of life. They can also go through transformation events in love life.

Venus in Scorpio in seventh house / Venus in Scorpio in 7th house:

Marriage can bring debts , disputes and conflicts and life can go through certain transformation in married life. They should be careful about debts and loans. They can also have some past karma related to marriage and relationship so some transformations are bound to come.

Venus in Scorpio in eighth house / Venus in Scorpio in 8th house:

They should be careful about relationship and marriage. They are passionate about relationship but they can loose in relationship. At the same time, they love to serve underprivileged people.

Venus in Scorpio in ninth house / Venus in Scorpio in 9th house:

They can have weird relationship before settling down. Their love life and married life can go through certain transformation and sudden events. They are passionate about religion and astrology studies. The position can also show abusive relationship.

Venus in Scorpio tenth house / Venus in Scorpio in 10th house:

They utilize their education to help people in dealing with obstacles in life and love to serve people who are facing traumatic situation of life. They may find their wife in workplace. Their love life can also go through certain transformation events before they settle down.

Venus in Scorpio in eleventh house / Venus in Scorpio in 11th house:

Their career can go through transformation in large organizations. They can serve people in chaotic situations of life. On the other hand, Their income can go through ups and downs. They should also be careful about relationship with network circle and friends.

Venus in Scorpio in twelfth house / Venus in Scorpio in 12th house:

They have love for occult science. They find their spiritual path through occult and can get wealth from occult and spiritual side of life. On the other hand, they can have abusive relationship.

Any aspects and conjunctions can alter the results.

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