Venus Ketu conjunction in astrology

As ketu is a headless planet and ketu has no direction, Venus is love so they will never be satisfied with love. They have no direction in matters of love. They will dream of a perfect partner in life.  The person remains unsatisfied in love life. They feel that they are the only person sacrificing for relationship. 

As ketu is a karmic planet and is associated with past life deeds it shows that in this life the person needs to learn the lesson of love. The person may hop from one relationship to other in search of a perfect partner. Once they realize that there is no perfect partner the person feels that relationship are not meant for him. In such situation the person must learn to see the positive side of relationship. They must accept their partner for the way they are. The person must stop rejecting relationships.

The difference between venus rahu and venus ketu conjunction is in venus rahu conjunction the person constantly seek for a perfect partner with a hope of future whereas in venus ketu conjunction the person finally withdraw himself for relationship. . It can also lead to marriage in adverse situation or family pressure and later the person feel isolated from family. Ketu also destroys the sensual side of venus as venus is a gentle planet. The conjunction creates disappointment in hopes and desires.  It also shows a strong desire to lead a life full of luxury.

This conjunction in woman shows that the woman may have fine jewellery and clothes but she may not wear it and love to live simple.The person with this conjunction is poor in managing wealth as he feels himself isolated from it. This conjunction can also lead to addiction and drug.
The positive side of the conjunction is it can lead to spirituality. The person will be interested in occult mysticism, creativity and research. When ketu conjunct venus in its own sign of Taurus, Libra or saggitarus and pisces then the person can be very spiritual and mystical in nature. They can easily get rid of materialistic things. When the conjunction takes place in pisces where venus is exalted the person stays happy as Venus and ketu both are in good position. The native can equally love everyone and they are caring in nature.

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