Venus Mars Conjunction

Venus represents, luxury, comforts, conveyance, marriage, relationship, romance, wife in man chart, assets, love, semen, ovaries,music, dance, drama, abundance, jewellery, diamond.
Mars represents courage, willpower, actions, bloodshed, fighter, soldiers, boldness, discipline, accident, war, weapons, younger siblings, land/ property, house, sweets,kitchen, fire, youth, fearless, wound, coral copper, war, explosive manufacturer, aggressiveness.

Venus Mars conjunction is the conjunction of pleasure, passion and willpower. So this conjunction makes a very passionate lover. They take bold steps to declare their love. Their relationships are dynamic and they are ready to declare love in the most passionate way. But if Mars is debilitated this conjunction can create aggressiveness and domestic violence in married life. The conjunction in any dustana house or 7th house with debilitated mars can mainly lead to domestic violence. The combination in 10th House or aspecting 10th House shows that the person may earn from cinema, movies, geology, surgery, law etc.
Planet with lowest degree has the highest say
If Mars is afflicted, debilitated or in enemy sign holding the lowest degree shows that the person will be abusive towards his wife. He will be aggressive, short tempered, bold and stubborn in terms of love and romance.
If venus holds the lowest degree it makes a person extremely creative. At the same time he will be submissive and charming in approach. The people will have a strong desire to lead a rich luxurious life. They will be sexual committed partner.

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