Venus Mercury Conjunction through houses in astrology

Mercury represents intelligence, speech, tongue, communication, brain, central nervous system, education, memory,reading, writing, maternal uncle, nephews, cousins, friends, adopted son, mathematics, occult science, astrology, arts, drama, music, dance, business, trade.Venus represents, luxury, comforts, conveyance, marriage, relationship, romance, wife in man chart, assets, love, semen, ovaries,music, dance, drama, abundance, jewellery, diamond. Here I will discuss Venus Mercury conjunction through houses in vedic astrology.

Mercury is a planet which either amplify the quality of other planet or it stays neutral to the other planet. This conjunction makes a person extremely creative in artistic field. The conjunction also shows a person related to finance field.

They are successful businessman can be either in wealth related business or business related to beauty products. They will be extremely romantic and will be very sweet spoken. If the conjunction takes place in any Mercury sign or in 5th house shows the person has a strong tendency in career as stock brokers. This conjunction can also make great authors. They are imaginative and they love travelling as 3rd house is ruled by Mercury and 3rd house is short travel. The conjunction shows good result in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th,7th and 10th house. The person can gain through media. They are good in artistic field as both planets represent arts. They are talented in business. The conjunction works best in the sign of taurus, libra, virgo, gemini, Leo. In virgo, it shows inclination in finance field and in pisces it will make them spiritual Guru.

They are successful businessman and they can shine in business through creativity. They make very good actors as they are expert in communication.
If Mercury holds the lowest degree shows that relationship starts with communication. They express themselves through communication. People love to communicate with them.
If venus holds the lowest degree, they will be creative in communication whether it’s text message or email or public speaker. They have a charming speech. They love conversations on arts, creativity and beauty. The person is elegant in approach. They are very creative.

Venus mercury conjunction is also known as Lakshmi Narayan yoga.

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Venus Mercury conjunction in first/1st house

Lot of prosperity after marriage can be expected with this position.Land, home, vehicles can be attained by the individual. Tremendous wealth can be attained especially at the age of 41. However if Sun is ahead the conjunction, then one will attain the prosperity of life only after they reach an authoritative position. The native can be extremely romantic.

However, the conjunction can also brings disputes along with prosperity. Arguments in marriage can also be expected with this position. One can be an excellent auditor, businessman or accountant. Venus mercury when in conjunction with Saturn, one can be great actor, mimicker etc.

The mercury Venus conjunction can make one an attractive personality with a good sense of humor.They want to look their best and feel appreciated. They seek attention of others but at the same time, may prefer to work behind the scenes. However, working with people with proper communication can help them gain money. If the native falls ill, they can go to a young female doctor for quick recovery. Spouse will control business, lifestyle of the native.

Venus Mercury conjunction in second/2nd house

The family earns well after the birth of the native. Any member of the family can also become landlord. Maternal aunt and uncle prosper after the birth of the native.The native earns through business, joint venture or even family business. Gems, jewelry, perfume, flower business can suit the native. The business of the native grows after marriage or after birth of daughter. They must create a brand to prosper in business. Communication is important for their business and playing music during business hour can add a rhythm or beauty to the business.

They love reading romantic books and treasure luxury stationary items. The native can also have vocal talents and love fine dining as well as luxury food. They also love multiple dishes in food. The conjunction especially in man’s chart , the spouse of the native can look like his sibling or maternal relatives.

Venus Mercury conjunction in third/3rd house

They earn through media, communication, creativity, sales and marketing. Business can suit them as mercury is in third house which is originally the sign of Gemini. They can earn good money through business but it may need a lot of effort. Travelling can also help them earn wealth.

They can choose their spouse among friend circle or spouse can be a coworker. Spouse love to travel and can be in hotel with lot of activities. The native gets support from sibling especially sisters. The idea given by sister to the native can be profitable in business. Sister can have a lot of courage while taking care of the family.

The native can have lot of interraction with material aunts and uncle. After marriage, the individual donot want to be in social media

Venus Mercury conjunction in fourth/4th house

The conjunction in 4th house brings happiness and creativity at home. As the conjunction aspects the tenth house of career, one does well in career too. The conjunction in 4th house also shows one is raised by multiple family members like maternal aunt, paternal aunt etc.

However, the conjunction can give arguments and fights in marriage. The spouse can buy extremely luxurious items to decorate the home. With this conjunction one can have picture of female saints or goddess at home. Those picture serves as a protection to the native.

The individual find best ideas at home especially during midnight. They can be one of the best politician as they will have excellent way of communication. During childhood, the native can collect comic books if he is a male. For female, the individual can collect romantic novels. With this conjunction, one can have shopping mall or jewelry store near their house.

There will be a lot of celebration in house. With birth of the individual, maternal aunt and uncle will find new home and money. The individual can earn from business and prosperity comes after marriage. There will be a special item in their desk at home which they will cherish the most. With conjunction of moon, one will love to watch old romantic movies.

Venus Mercury conjunction in fifth/5th house

The native is extremely creative and born with creative talents. They must show their creativity to earn wealth. At the same time they are extremely romantic. The individual can also attain tantric Siddhi, s/he can have knowledge on occult and mysticism.

One must understand that Venus has the capability to teach mantras. As per mythology, Venus attained the sanjeevani mantra to overcome death. As fifth house also known as the house of past life deeds, the conjunction in fifth house shows one have done good deeds in past life. It shows, one will attain wealth after marriage.

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The conjunction also shows one will be excellent in education. With conjunction of Jupiter one can be in medical field. One will attain huge abundance if a girl is born with this conjunction in fifth house. Long term investment will suit them than day trading in stock market. At the same time, the individual is good at performing arts.

The birth of the individual can also give material abundance to maternal aunt or uncle. If the conjunction is in odd sign, maternal uncle will gain wealth. While the conjunction in even sign shows maternal aunt will gain wealth. If Mercury is behind Venus, elder sister of mother will gain wealth and if Venus is behind mercury, younger sister of mother will gain wealth.

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Fulfillment of desire of the individual comes through marriage or birth of child. Huge debt can be taken to gain property.

Venus Mercury conjunction in sixth/6th house

Though Venus mercury conjunction can bring prosperity after marriage but with this conjunction in sixth house, one can have huge debts after marriage. But the debt can be related to earning property, land or investment in business. But if the conjunction is in enemy sign, one must be careful regarding debts.

The conjunction also shows that your spouse can be enemy from past life but were friends at the beginning.One can gain through business but they can sell lot of things at lower profit. At the same time, one can be good at accounts and logistics.

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When Venus mercury conjunct Jupiter and Sun, one can also go to health care. The native can have expenses due to travel of spouse or due to sibling especially sisters.After marriage one can also donate large sum of money. This donation of amount can help the native to get rid of debts, health issues etc. Generally the conjunction becomes active at the age of 24, 30.

They are extremely romantic and can show interest towards colleague.Spouse can suffer from digestive issues like constipation especially if ketu gets involved.

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Venus Mercury conjunction in seventh/7th house

The conjunction vecomes active at the age of 12. The native can be interested in doing business with or without guidance and along with other kids at early childhood probably at the age of 11 or 12. The conjunction can bless one with profit in business but one must maintain good relationship with spouse after marriage.

Maintaining good relationship with spouse can help one to prosper in business. When the native gets married, one of the maternal aunt or uncle will give money during marriage. Or the native can ask money during marriage as loan from maternal aunt or uncle.

Arguments and fights in marriage are common but both the native and spouse will have liking for same things. Customers can also suggest how one can improve in business.

Always follow the below points with this conjunction in seventh house:

  1. Dress well
  2. Love your partner

Venus Mercury conjunction in eighth/8th house

The native prospers after marriage with this conjunction. It is one of the best position of mercury. Tremendous growth of joint assets can be seen with this conjunction. The individual or spouse may not prefer to reveal their progress or drawbacks of married life with others.

With this position of Venus, one should not show off in social media. The position also indicates huge inheritance either from spouse or native himself. Spouse of the individual van also suffer from mental trauma during early childhood. The native should return favor if anyone ask for help during emergency.

There will be arguments with surrounding people. The native can have hidden passion and can be very romantic but it can be hard for them to express their feeling. They love books related to astrology and spirituality. They can have information on lot of things.

Venus Mercury conjunction in ninth/9th house

It is one of the excellent conjunction in ninth house. One can be a brilliant writer and can do well in business related to writing, publishing, teaching etc. The conjunction becomes active generally after age of 30 or after marriage. The native can have multiple Guru and one can have arguments with father or guru.

They can make huge wealth and success will accompany them especially when they visit temples like Kamakhya. Spouse can be excellent in managing money. Travelling, media and communication brings money. Birth of children will bring great success to the native.

Venus Mercury conjunction in tenth/10th house

Venus Mercury conjunction in tenth house shows that the maternal aunt or uncle or woman of the house can help the individual to get a job. Prosperity in career can be seen with this conjunction. Colleagues can turn to friends of the individual. Love affairs in professional life can also be observed due to the conjunction.

However there can be disputes in marriage due to career. Success in business can also be seen with this conjunction. The individual is extremely creative in professional field and can partner in business with relatives, spouse etc. They can progress in professional field through media, communication etc.

However, they must be careful in terms of debts and should not believe the word of bosses. The conjunction shows that their boss or mentor in professional field may not keep their words. The individual should stay away from ego if Venus is in tenth house. One can hype a lot of things related to their profession.

Venus Mercury conjunction in eleventh/11th house

Venus Mercury conjunction becomes active at the age of 32. One can have a large number of network circle. The position shows purva punya bhaba in marriage. It means good past life deeds of the individual brings luck in marriage. The individual gains tremendously after marriage especially if Saturn is exalted in the chart along with Venus mercury conjunction. Recognition of the individual rises in their professional circle.

The conjunction also shows that after marriage one will come in contact with individual from whom they will gain tremendously. But one must remember that they should not remain attached to the individual who helped them to gain. The person will leave at one point in their life.

The individual will be good at raising children and if moon is involved one can be interested in stock market and speculative gains. Father of the individual will always get financial help from his family. Mother will have all her marriage needs fulfilled. Mother will also hold gems, jewellery and ornaments.

Elder sibling of the individual can make enemy in their life or at workplace. It also give gains when certain events are triggered in life. If younger brother of father gets married for second time, the gain of the individual increases. When children of the individual gets married, gain of the individual increases. When younger sibling of the individual have long distance relationship or gets a guru then the gains of the individual increases. One must be careful of loans and debts as well as credit cards with this position.

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