Venus Moon Conjunction in astrology

Venus represents, luxury, comforts, conveyance, marriage, relationship, romance, wife in man chart, assets, love, semen, ovaries,music, dance, drama, abundance, jewellery, diamond.

Moon represents mind, emotions, subconscious mind, imaginations, local or state government, home, happiness, mother, breast, lungs, beauty, sensitivity, sleep, travel, pearl. silver,watery places, blood,masses, crowd, people , grains, fruits, soft/white objects, water, milk, nourishment, intuition, parenting, part of your personality.
Venus moon conjunction makes a native to constantly look for financial security in a balanced way and look for comfort, wealth, assets. This conjunction creates dhanyoga if the conjunction takes place in 1st,4th,5th,9th and 11th house. The conjunction makes one to work really hard so that they can get all the worldly comforts.

The conjunction can also create fashion designer, actor but their sole purpose of life is to accumulate wealth as much as possible.

They always seek harmony and peace in relationship. They are charming and loving. At the same time, they constantly seek relationships whether it is their relationship with sibling, parents, friends or wife. They need and expect love in all the relationships. They feel balanced when love is exchanged in relationship. In bad signs like virgo, capricorn and scorpio it can lead one to field of prostitution.

Planet with lowest degree in conjunction has the highest say.
If moon holds the lowest degree then it will infuse itself with the qualities of venus. The person either will look for financial stability and he will work hard for it or look for only good times in relationship. It will be difficult for him to control the bad times in relationship
If venus holds the lowest degree then moon will be controlled by venus. The person will always love relationships and will seek cordial, harmony, peace in relationship. The person will understand the ups and downs of relationship and will work in the relationship in bad times.
The conjunction in 5th and 11th house can give a lot of wealth or jewellery from mother. One thing to notice in this conjunction is this conjunction especially in case of man can create bitterness in relationship with mother or mother in law.

Eatables for weak moon and Venus

The Moon is a mental factor. Eat sugarcane, sugar, milk, and sweets made from milk, ice cream, and so on to get good moon effects.

Eat Triphala, lentil sugar, Kamalgatta, sugar candy, radish, and white turnip to get auspicious results of Venus.

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