What is beyond enlightment

Someone asked Osho, what is beyond enlightment. As per Osho, the question has answer within it. Osho mentioned that Beyond enlightment there is only beyondness. During the process of enlightment, you experience everything- good, bad and ugly. But after enlightenment, there is only nothingness. During enlightment, you experience the ocean but with peace at it’s centre.  beyond enlightment is going beyond your individuality, going beyond your boundary and merging with the one cosmic energy. One becomes universal beyond enlightment.

When a human being becomes enlightened, there will be a residue of ego within him. If others acknowledge his enlightment, ego strengthens. But when one is beyond enlightment,no one can recognize them. They remain like a very ordinary human. Their mind, body and soul merges with one energy. There is no individuality within him as it was already experienced during the process of enlightment. Now, there is only silence and serenity that follows him.

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