Atmakaraka through houses

Atmakaraka is not your personality, money etc but it is your duty to perform in this life. When we read the sacred books, we understand that nakshatra came from Shiva, rashis came from Narayana and planetary energies came from Brahma. Atmakaraka is the planet with highest degree in your natal chart except rahu and ketu. …

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Sun ketu conjunction through houses in astrology

Sun represents our ego,confidence, soul, father, fatherly figures, government, authority, politics, creativity,leadership, heart, vital life force, Recognition, fame power, favor from government, success,prestige, enthusiasm,brilliance, royalty, name, fame, bones, souls, health. Here is the detailed analysis of conjunction of Sun with different planets in Vedic astrology. Here I will discuss sun ketu conjunction through houses in …

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The real life of Aghoris

The life of aghoris is a mystery for many. Their unique way of leading life always seeks attention, many wants to know how they lead a life while many know them for eating dead flesh and alcohol. For many, they stay at crematorium but hardly few knows about the life of a Aghori. The life …

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