sadhe sati dhaiya saturn

Sadhe sati and dhaiya transit of Saturn

Transit of Saturn is one of the important factor that needs to be taken into consideration while analyzing a birth horoscope. Transit of Saturn also accompanies many names like sadhe sati, dhaiya. So today we will discuss those sadhe sati and dhaiya transit of saturn and how it impacts life of people.

First lord in first house/ 1st lord in 1st house

First house represents self, physique, personality, overall health, life path.When first lord is in first house it means the planet that controls the 1st house or ascendant is placed in 1st house. It means the entire focus of the person throughout life is on himself. The person is always concerned about his looks, life path …

Planets and their representation

Planets plays a significant role in astrology. So it is very necessary to have the basic understanding of planets and what they represents in vedic astrology. Sun has a masculine energy. The energy is forceful and dynamic. Sun spends approximately 30 days in each sign.  Sun is considered as a fast moving planet in astrology …