conjunction in astrology

Sun conjunction with different planets

Sun represents our ego,confidence, soul, father, fatherly figures, government, authority, politics, creativity,leadership, heart, vital life force, Recognition, fame power, favor from government, success,prestige, enthusiasm,brilliance, royalty, name, fame, bones, souls, health. Here is the detailed analysis of conjunction of Sun with different planets in Vedic astrology. Sun moon conjunction Moon represents mind, emotions, subconscious mind, imaginations, …

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Shakat yoga

Will married life gets affected?

Yes, some upheavals can be there if shakat yoga has malefic impact. But if Jupiter and moon are placed

Rahu moon/Moon Rahu conjunction in astrology

Rahu eclipses moon and overshadows the moon. Rahu moon conjunction can create highly emotional individual, the person can be obsessed in their emotions. As Rahu is obsession and illusion, the person become obsessed about their needs, they do not want to listen to anyone if they need something.

Jupiter saturn conjunction/ saturn jupiter conjunction in all houses

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom whereas Saturn is the planet of boundaries and restrictions. Jupiter is all about expansion and Saturn is all about contraction. So people with this conjunction always switch in the dilemma of expansion and contraction which means sometimes they are very optimistic and sometimes they are very pessimistic. …

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Ishta Devta in astrology

Ishta devta is the god/goddess in astrology whose worship can become extra beneficial to the person. Ishta devta is very different from kul devta. Kul devta is the only one devta which whole family worship whereas ishta devta is the devta for specific individual. Every individuaal has their own ishta devta. Ishta means cherished whereas …

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Rahu Venus conjunction in astrology

Venus represent happiness, passion, love ,creativity, wife, marriage, artistic talent, creative art. Rahu is illusion, desire, foreign things, obstacles, gambling, dark places. Here is the detailed analysis of Rahu Venus conjunction in Vedic astrology Rahu Venus Conjunction When Rahu conjunct with Venus, Rahu amplifies the energy of Venus so the native will crave for rich …

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Venus mercury Saturn conjunction

Mercury venus saturn conjunction is a beautiful conjunction. They are very friendly to each other. And this days this conjunction is required as they are the kama triangle. As per kalpurush kundali, Mercury rules the third house, venus the seventh and saturn rules the eleventh house. Mercury is speech, friends, siblings, counsellors. Venus is significator …

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Rahu mars Conjunction/Mars Rahu conjunction in vedic astrology

Mars : will power, courage, ability to fight, aggressiveness, anger, brother, male friend, boyfriend for girl, soldier, athlete, real estate, weapon Rahu: obsession, illusion, foreign land, foreign things, intoxication, drugs, medicine, fame, wealth success, obsession, past life desires, cheating, online world, electronics, unique things, creativity, rule breaker. Rahu mars conjunction As Rahu fakes the planet …

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