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Saraswati yoga in astrology

Saraswati yoga is derieved from the astrological classic Phaladipica written by Mantreshwar. “Saraswati” as the name suggest, this yoga makes a person knowledgeable, wise and intellectual.

Childlessness in astrology

But the most common factor that contribute to childlessness is Rahu and Mars. Influence of Rahu and mars on Jupiter, 5th house, 5th lord or the ascendant contribute to childlessness.

Rahu-venus, venus-rahu dasha

“Bhoga ” means enjoyment of worldly things. If a person has worldly aims and desires than s/he is termed as “bhogi”. Rahu is a demon, it is the insatiable desire and obsession one can have towards materialistic things.

Mental illness in astrology

In vedic astrology, we look 1st and 7th house and if Saturn and mars mutually aspect each other. If moon is completely eclipsed by Sun, then mental illness can be a factor.

Shad ripu in astrology

veryone wants to be listened but no one is ready to listen. That’s where problem of society lies. People have gone to the extreme low to gain money. But did it make them happy finally?

Astrology test # 4

Birth Chart D9 Chart How will be the married life of the native? Prediction as per Birth chart Ans: First we will look at 7th house, the house of marriage. &th house is ruled by Taurus. Venus being the lord of 7th house placed in ascendant in Scorpio, which is an enemy sign, shows that …

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Astrology test #3

What is the life path of the native? What career and marriage predictions we can conclude from the chart?

Separation and divorce in marriage

The planet is hot in nature. If sun is afflicted, ill placed or connected to 7th house, it will impact the marriage. As Sun is ego, ego clashes and dominating nature can impact the marriage. As sun is a hot planet, it burns some of the qualities of the house where it is placed.

Astrology test #2

Why this woman has troubled marriage? How will be her Jupiter Mahadasha in her 30s?

Astrology test #1

What the conjunctions and aspects indicates? It shows the person can get married lately in their 30s. Spouse is matured and elder than the native. Their ego, self confidence develops in later part of life. They can have duty/responsibility of home and they can have issues with government in career in early part of life. …

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