Character defines our Intentions

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved Our thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to experience and experience defines our character and character defines our intentions.Intentions are steps towards our own consciousness. Good and bad Intention When we have good intention, we always seek good of others while bad intention shows intention to harm others. …

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Is religion important for humanity

If we calculate across globe, there are plethora of religion across world. There are large number of spiritual practices and there are so many paths to merge with one energy. With time, many religions died and many expanded. But is religion important for humanity? The answer is both yes and No- Osho theory If we …

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Soul transfer and existence

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved If we believe in theory of reincarnation, there can be instances when the planet earth can be destroyed and all of us die. Then where all the souls will go? If all die, there will be no womb for rebirth.Here we should not forget that the universe in …

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Theory of reincarnation

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved It is said that you have to take 80000 birth to be born as human. Being born as human can be one of the greatest boon of nature. But our soul can be the oldest- it can be oldest than sun and earth. The soul can be there …

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Freedom and equality

Freedom and equality cannot be same. When our five fingers are unequal then how five people can be equal. If you try to make two individual equal, you have to cut one or other perspective of another individual. It cannot be done without suppression. All individual are unique with different perspectives. Suppression brings equality. When …

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Instinct and intellect

In the pleasure of my supremely beloved.. Instinct is the only factor that keeps the human alive. Instinct and Intellect, both are different. In modern world, though we believe that intellect is important but spiritually intellect is inmature. Rather intuition and instinct are far matured than intellect. Intellect is not beyond instinct and intuition.   Our …

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