jupiter in astrology

Jupiter transits in vedic astrology

Jupiter represents finance, family, guru, teacher, wisdom. Jupiter has both positive and negative impact. Transit of Jupiter in vedic astrology gives results related to the house Jupiter rules. It can also give bad result if it is debilitated in Capricorn or in dustana house or impacted by malefic but Jupiter does very good in fire …

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Diseases caused by planets in Vedic astrology

The trik, dustana or evil houses (6th,8th,12th) and planets related to the house plays an important role in deciding the health of the native. Sixth house decides the lower abdomen problem, Eighth house represents chronic diseases and twelfth house represents hospitalization.

Jupiter in Capricorn in all houses

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn because Jupiter is a teacher who loves to share his knowledge but here Jupiter comes under certain restriction and limitations that makes Jupiter frustrated. Shows the person has low

Jupiter in Sagittarius in all houses

The person is all about reading different, religion, philosophy, literature and people of different race. The person would have a balanced outlook

Jupiter in Virgo in all houses

The person gains philosophical knowledge from mother. He is a follower of family values in life. The person is analytical, critical and perfectionist.

Jupiter in Leo in all houses

Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, Optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality, religious acts, life force, happiness, pilgrimage, Generosity, prosperity, law, economics, liver, fat, gall bladder, respect, husband in women chart, counselling. Sun rules the fifth zodiac sign Leo. The sign represents love, arts, creativity, hobbies, academics, sports, politics, speculations, stocks. Leo is lion so …

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Jupiter in Cancer in all houses

Jupiter in cancer shows the s/he is highly learned, wise person. S/he is approachable and willing to share knowledge. S/he can be teacher, preacher. Even if the person is not professionally a teacher in academics

Jupiter in Taurus in all houses

The wealth of the native would gradually improve with time. The native is a pleasant speaker. The native can be a good teacher in wealth related field or can be a wealth/fund manager.

Jupiter saturn conjunction/ saturn jupiter conjunction in all houses

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom whereas Saturn is the planet of boundaries and restrictions. Jupiter is all about expansion and Saturn is all about contraction. So people with this conjunction always switch in the dilemma of expansion and contraction which means sometimes they are very optimistic and sometimes they are very pessimistic. …

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Jupiter in Aquarius in all houses

Jupiter in Aquarius shows working on large organization. S/he loves to uplift society and bring them to middle class. S/he can be good political leader, financial adviser who can uplift society in a monetary

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