ketu in astrology

Kaal Sarp yoga and shrapit yoga

Kaal Sarp yoga There are nine planets in astrology. When all the 7 planets (sun, moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, venus, mercury) are placed between Rahu and ketu, the yoga ia known as Kaal Sarp Yoga. The yoga is named as Kaal Sarp yoga as Rahu is considered the head of the snake and ketu, the …

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Ketu in all houses of vedic astrology

Ketu is a planet of constant motion. It is a moving planet. Position of Ketu shows lingering desire regarding that house. Placement of Ketu or rahu with benefic planet decreases the benefic qualities of the planet and their placement with malefic increases the malefic qualities of planet. Placement of Ketu in a house also shows …

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Diseases caused by planets in Vedic astrology

The trik, dustana or evil houses (6th,8th,12th) and planets related to the house plays an important role in deciding the health of the native. Sixth house decides the lower abdomen problem, Eighth house represents chronic diseases and twelfth house represents hospitalization.

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