moon in astrology

Moon in Leo in Vedic astrology

Fifth house is the house of creativity, moon in Leo shows the person is very creative and s/he can be serious in pursuing their hobbies. They can have multiple hobbies. They can pursue their career in creativity rather than job. The person loves to be appreciated for their work.

Moon in Cancer in Vedic astrology

Moon in cancer are caring, loving and emotional people. Their stability of mind comes in later part of life. They can be in profession of teaching and medicine. They love to be in service. They can be extremely sensitive about relationships, home and mother. Both mother and native needs emotional security.

Moon in Gemini in Vedic astrology

The energy of moon gets equally scattered in Gemini and their peace of mind comes through communication. They are communicative and if the person runs through moon mahadasha there is a great tendency of doing business.

Moon in Taurus/Exalted moon in Taurus

Moon is exalted at 3 degrees in Taurus. It shows that the person has a calm and stable mind. They can approach peacefully to deal with all situations of life.

Moon in Pisces in Vedic astrology

Pisces is a spiritual sign ruled by Jupiter. It is the twelfth zodiac belt and represents spirituality. It is the twelfth or last sign of the zodiac and it carries the energy of the twelfth house wherever it goes.

Moon in Aries in all houses

The person can be a quick decision maker, they can take impulsive decision. The person is fond of action sports. They can be go getter and are very goal oriented. they are competitive. Moon in Aries can make a person very aggressive and sometimes violent.

Moon in all houses in vedic astrology

In vedic astrology moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. It is the emotional response or emotional attachment of people to surroundings. Placement of moon shows interest of the native. Moon is a very gentle and receptive planet. So if moon is with Saturn then Saturn will impact your mind. Like that …

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