The spiritual concept of time

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved Time, the only factor of our existence. But we never questioned who invented time. No one knows that who created the timeframes. However, here we will discuss the spiritual concept of time. In western world, the concept of time is linear. The west believes in one lifetime and …

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Reading- a spiritual practice

Sadhana, worship, prayer- these are the terms which generally arise in our mind when we talk about spirituality. Reading is often not mentioned but this is one of the beautiful way to understand spirituality. Nowadays with growing social media, we hardly touch the papers or a book. The electronic media fulfills all our requirements from …

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Destiny or Free Will?

While I was hearing the speech of Swami Mukundananda, I came across an interesting story. The story provoked me to write this article. The story is about a boy who went to different astrologers to know his destiny. He wants to know if he has a bright or bleek future. While few astrologers painted his …

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The dearth of Success

Success- the term itself is positive with lot of optimism and hopes. Successful people are inspiration to millions. They are heartthrob of any nation. People love to follow them and sometimes they even want to mimic their lifestyle, personality etc.But the story doesn’t end there. There are many successful artists, athletes, businessman who are not …

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Success and fear- two sides of same coin

Someone said that with success comes great responsibilities and with responsibilities comes fear.Today  success is measured by three things-  fame, power and money, the  three significant cores of the material world.  Abundance of money gives rise to fear of povertyPower gives rise to fear of loosing statusFame gives rise to fear of defamation and ill …

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