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Hierarchy of needs in human life #Osho

Osho mentioned that there is a hierarchy of needs in human life. The hierarchy can be categorised into- physical, psychological and spiritual needs. Physical needs can also be considered the necessities of life. For example: Food, cloth, shelter are physical needs. Without any of those, it is difficult to survive. Fulfillment of physical needs give …

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Religion verses science #Osho

Religion is one of the important concept all across the world. OSHO correlated science with religion. Science is a subject of innovation. It is the subject that unfolds new beginning. Science do not have a religion. Osho mentioned that he is not against religion but he is against religions. Science is a single subject but …

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Ghost and entities

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved There are so many theories on ghosts and entities. There are plethora of movies on paranormal activities. At the same time, there are experiences of people who claim that they experienced ghost or energy that is invisible to naked eyes. There are so many haunted places in earth. …

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