Sun mercury rahu conjunction in all houses in astrology

Sun mercury rahu conjunction shows that the person is born near eclipse time. When Rahu is in strong conjunction with Sun degree wise, it shows that Sun is eclipsed by Rahu. Rahu and Sun gels well with mercury. So the person becomes highly knowledgeable, communicative and intelligent. They can be egoistic by nature. They want …

Rahu moon/Moon Rahu conjunction in astrology

Rahu eclipses moon and overshadows the moon. Rahu moon conjunction can create highly emotional individual, the person can be obsessed in their emotions. As Rahu is obsession and illusion, the person become obsessed about their needs, they do not want to listen to anyone if they need something.

Affliction of Rahu on other planets

It is always observed that when Rahu makes a connection with other planet by conjunction or aspects, it destroys the signification of planet and house it is placed , this is known as affliction. If the afflicted planet is weak or ill placed then the destruction would be more or if the planet is strongly placed the destruction would be less.

Role and importance of Rahu in astrology

In vedic astrology, Rahu is illusion. Rahu is magic – anything that can fool people. Rahu is visual reality, gadgets and software, digital things, video and electronic things. Rahu shows future karma. Rahu is unexpected result. Rahu is an outcast planet and behaves mysteriously. Rahu is a rebel and always tries to find shortcut. Thieves,robbers are Rahu. Anything material is Rahu.

Rahu Venus conjunction in astrology

Venus represent happiness, passion, love ,creativity, wife, marriage, artistic talent, creative art. Rahu is illusion, desire, foreign things, obstacles, gambling, dark places. Here is the detailed analysis of Rahu Venus conjunction in Vedic astrology Rahu Venus Conjunction When Rahu conjunct with Venus, Rahu amplifies the energy of Venus so the native will crave for rich …

Venus mercury Saturn conjunction

Mercury venus saturn conjunction is a beautiful conjunction. They are very friendly to each other. And this days this conjunction is required as they are the kama triangle. As per kalpurush kundali, Mercury rules the third house, venus the seventh and saturn rules the eleventh house. Mercury is speech, friends, siblings, counsellors. Venus is significator …

How to predict career in vedic astrology

Tenth house is the house of career, fame, reputation. Saturn is the karaka of tenth house. As Saturn is the significator of job we must see the position of saturn. Well placed saturn can give authoritative job in administration, law and order. S/he can also get a government job. Debilitated saturn may create obstruction or …