saturn in astrology

Saturn in different houses of Navamsa

Saturn is anxiety, delay, obstruction, limitations, restrictions, bones, teeth, nails, death, diseases, sorrow, misery. Saturn is any father figure or boss at workplace. Here is the below detailed analysis of Saturn in different houses of Navamsa in vedic astrology. Saturn rules Capricorn and its mooltrikona sign is Aquarius. It is exalted in Libra. Saturn represents …

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Saturn in Sagittarius in different houses in astrology

Saturn is restriction, limitations, boundary, delay, frustrations, hard work and labor, service. Saturn is karmic debt of our life. It is the boss of workplace, challenges, lesson of life, old age. In body parts Saturn indicates teeth, bones, diseases, organization, discipline, structure. Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign and Jupiter rules Sagittarius. It is the …

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Saturn in Taurus in all houses in astrology

Saturn in Taurus can give financial crunch in the life of person at early phases of life. This makes the person very practical about money and s/he knows where to spend and how much to spend at later part of life.

Affliction of Rahu on other planets

It is always observed that when Rahu makes a connection with other planet by conjunction or aspects, it destroys the signification of planet and house it is placed , this is known as affliction. If the afflicted planet is weak or ill placed then the destruction would be more or if the planet is strongly placed the destruction would be less.

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