Mahavidya Sadhana and tantra

Mahavidhya Sadhana can be one of the most intense Sadhana in spirituality. There are 10 goddess in mahavidya Sadhana and all are originated from the concept of Shakti. Shakti and Shiva plays an important role in creation and destruction of the universe. While Shakti is the dynamic form of energy, Shiva is the masculine force. …

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How to reach Buddhaland

Osho theory Once one monk travelled for years to meet Buddha. Finally one day he came to know that he can meet Buddha by just crossing a river. He was ecstatic that he finally found a way to meet Buddha. He asked people if he can get a ferry or boat to go to the …

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What is beyond enlightment

Someone asked Osho, what is beyond enlightment. As per Osho, the question has answer within it. Osho mentioned that Beyond enlightment there is only beyondness. During the process of enlightment, you experience everything- good, bad and ugly. But after enlightenment, there is only nothingness. During enlightment, you experience the ocean but with peace at it’s …

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Chanakya and chanakya neeti

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved Chanakya also known as Kautilya is one of the greatest scholar in the history of India. The father of Chankaya was a teacher. As a father, he tried his best to provide best education ro Chanakya. The surprising fact about Chanakya is he was born with 32 teeth. …

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Learning from Kant Immanuel

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved While I was reading one of the Osho book, “learning to silence the mind”, I came across interesting stories of great people. Though Osho tried to make the audience understand the state of mind but I learned that every big personality has a unique side that can be …

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How to find Spirituality in cinema

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved om An entertainment that cannot be missed- cinemas, have an impeccable impression on our minds. There may be innumerable and uncountable scenes in the movies which overflowed us with emotions of joy, tears and excitement.  While now, many prefer to watch cinemas after dinner on bed holding their …

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